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olafradiator's Avatar olafradiator 10:45 AM 07-30-2007
I have a LTV-46W1 which I bought refurb from woot in early June 2007. Upon receiving it I tested it with a DVD player and everything seemed good. Now I am trying to hook it up to a Mac G5 via a DVI -> HDMI cable.

The backlight is malfunctioning.

Regardless of input or settings, the backlight comes on for half a second when powering on, then turns off. Sometimes when changing a setting (input, volume) the backlight comes on again for half a second, then turns off.

By shining a flashlight on the screen, I can see that everything other than the backlight is functioning correctly. I can very slowly and painstakingly navigate menus, and have tried the factory reset. Nothing resolves this.

I talked to Westinghouse support, and they said send it back at their cost. I am loathe to do this, as I threw the box away after initial setup checkout was ok, and I'm guessing it would be at least two weeks without the TV to get it serviced.

Any ideas?????? Help!!!!

DBLASS's Avatar DBLASS 02:48 PM 07-30-2007
The inverter (CCFL power supply) is bad. Though it is bolted onto the LCD, it is considered part of the OEM display. This is an obvious warranty issue.
olafradiator's Avatar olafradiator 10:16 AM 07-31-2007
I'm thinking the easiest solution for me might be to get a local TV repair service in NY to come and fix it on site. Taking this TV off the wall, packing it up (without the box, which I threw away) and shipping it to California at my expense, waiting at least two weeks... sounds like a nightmare.

Does anybody have any idea how simple it is to replace the inverter? And how much that might cost? Could I even order the part and do it myself?

If I could get it done quickly, out of warranty, that might be preferable to using Westinghouse's warranty repair service. Or is that just good money after bad??

Your thoughts are appreciated...
DBLASS's Avatar DBLASS 12:12 PM 07-31-2007
Inverters simply screw down on the back of the display and plug into the connectors. You can try to read the part number off the inverter but calling a factory parts dealer should be able to get you the part if you simply asked for "an inverter for the Westinghouse model ie. XYZ123" It will cost a lot (compared to the $40 value it actually costs). Prepare to hear about a $200+ bill for it (I am guessing here).
Scooty809's Avatar Scooty809 02:37 PM 12-19-2007
I just bought a refurb of this today. How did this issue work out for you?
gfgray's Avatar gfgray 07:14 PM 01-25-2009
Similar issue with Westinghouse 20" LCD in this thread.
apetay's Avatar apetay 12:42 AM 12-21-2013

Man, I know this is an old thread and a really old display, but I tore down one of these tonight for shxts and giggles.


This has to be the absolute worst design for TV innards I have ever seen.  So much excess metal and poorly routed wires.


I've got the same symptoms as everyone else;  powers up for a second, but no image displayed on the screen.  Then powers itself off. 


Nothing looks particularly cooked or blown, there's not a bad cap in sight.


There's a pot-screw on the power supply.  It's labeled "12v / 24v adj." I'm tempted to crank it up, especially because it's currently all the way down.  No pun intended.  Seems similar to the adjuster on a hair dryer or electric barber's shears.  Should I give it a go?  It's it worth a try?


Don't really care if I fry the TV, just don't want to fry myself.


I can always jab some legs into it, and make it a coffee table.


Had a Polaroid show these symptoms once, but it was obviously caps.  Quick, easy, inexpensive fix.  Still works.  I got hooked, and I've been tearing apart cheap crappy old LCDs ever since.

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