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Ok which is the best settings for a 52xbr4? So many posts! Which one to choose?
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Originally Posted by bluefranky222 View Post

Ok which is the best settings for a 52xbr4? So many posts! Which one to choose?
You should choose the best one.

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Lightbulb Current settings updated?

Originally Posted by darkdune View Post
Originally Posted by darkdune
Hey all,

So I have the info on the new SM tweaks I found for improving black level. Tonight I will go through and confirm all the settings before posting them. Basically what I was able to do was minimize the effect of corner "flashlighting" that can sometimes be seen in dark scenes -- especially on films that do not fill the entire 16x9 screen. Secondly, the Brightness controls alter Brightness at a more granular level -- for example moving up or down 2 or 3 notches after this change is like 1 notch prior to the change -- which allows you to better adjust overall Brightness to your liking. I also ensured that black detail is maintained. It all results in an overall better picture.

Please also note that we are using backlighting now too in a dark room to improve black level perception. It helps to have this cause these LCDs do not produce "perfect" blacks in dark scenes. As BDuffy10 mentioned, backlighting -- or ambient lighting - also helps with that.

That said, I am really pleased now when watching things with this set. I will post my updated settings and new SM tweaks soon!

All my best!

As promised, the updated settings are attached. When I have more time I will explain the changes in more detail. For now, the Service Menu items I changed to improve Black Level were the following:

0044 Black_Corrector
0009 APDD


0052 Back_light
0027 LIEN

When you change them you will notice that you will need to increase the regular Brightness setting 10+ notches. In our case Brightness went from 58 to 68. This SM tweak will allow you to adjust Brightness in a finer manner, that is -- as I described in my previous post -- "the Brightness controls alter Brightness at a more granular level -- for example moving up or down 2 or 3 notches after this change is like 1 notch prior to the change -- which allows you to better adjust overall Brightness to your liking."

Also, I updated my overall Picture settings. The overall effect is a clearer picture, and better Black Levels.

I will also update the Wiki when I have time.

Please let me know if you have questions.

All my best!
KDL-40XBR4 SM Tweak Settings.doc 155.5k . file
KDL-40XBR4 Optimized Settings-Updated.doc 202.5k . file
Are these settings updates and past/present post tweaks included with the attachments? You stated after tweaking within the SM that your brightness went from 58 to 68. However in your "Optimized Settings-Updated" file attachment, it states a setting of 42-46 for brightness or you later stated in the thread that you no longer use CINEMOTION but leave Motion Enhancer on HIGH yet it's not included with your attached files. So I'm a little confused, can you please enlighten me if I'm misunderstanding something? Or have you just not updated those files yet? Thanks for sharing! And sorry for grave digging, just thought that even by today's standards, this set still beats most of the top tier models released today and deserves more love.

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Quote to previous post.

Originally Posted by darkdune View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Jiggynutz

I came back on this board after a several months of inactivity and started reading the past 20 or so pages and was a bit suprised. I see pages after pages of service menu chages and recomendations to use features that do not work properly on this set such as RGB Full, cinemotion and motion enhancing. Yes, some of these features work in some situations, but not with all sources and with all materials. I feel this is just causing more and more issues as with each change you will experience a different set of problems.

Some issues I have had in particular before were motion blurring, wierd picture movement, oversaturated greens and reds that tended to bleed and oranges that just looked awful and white tended to be too red and lacked detail and focus. I thought I would share the settings I was given by a professional that comepletely chagned my outlook on this TV. In the future I plan on purchasing a Pioneer Kuro of some type, but these settings have left me completely happy with my current set and put my next TV purchase off for a couple more years at least. They are simple, require no extreme changes to the service menu, no strange settings that are proven to alter and image (such as color space wide, black corrector, motion enhancing) and work with all sources HDMI. Some people may be shocked by a few of these settings as I was, but they work and make this set look fantastic.

Picture mode (custom):
Backlight - 5
Picture - 85
Brightness - 47
Color - 54
Hue - R2
Color Temp - Warm 1

Sharpness - 12
nr - off
mpeg - off
drc - off

Black Corr - off
Advanced CE - off
Gamma - off
Clear white - off
Color Space - Standard
Live Color - off

Detail Enh - off
Edge Enh - off

White Balance
r-g= 0
g-g= -10
b-g= -4
r-b= 2
g-b= 2
b-b= 5

Motion Enhancing - off
CineMotion - off

Game/Text mode = On (resolves the issues I had when a black image changes brightness for no reason when transitioning to a brighter picture. A good example of this would be black space, but when a planet comes into view a dramatic shift from black to slightly less black occurs instantly and you can see a dramatic jump in brightness. Very distracting!)

RGB - Limited (Full does not work all the time and with all sources. I have had this proven to me time and time again.)

Power Saving - off
Light Sensor - off

Video games in particular have come to life. Games such as first person shooters no longer have that strange blurring when you are in a darkened area. Sports games such as NHL have much more noticable detail in the ice and red colors such as the Red Wings jerseys no longer blur and bleed into the ice. Madden and Tiger Woods show me that the greens were so oversaturaded before that we were loosing details within the grass. Frame rate consistency is super smooth and the way it should be. Dirt 2 looks absolutly flawless with fantasic lens flares and browns in the dirt that have just the right amound of reds.

On the PS3 and XBOX I would recommend you switch both to RGB. On the PS3 turn off the 24Hz picture mode as it tends to cause some serious motion issues with fast moving cuts and also use RGB limited. I should mention again that all my sources are using HDMI and are going through a Yamaha reciever that does pass blacker that black (had to upgrade firmware).

Let me know what you think, but I hope maybe I can help a few people that are still experiencing issues with this set. I know that I tried about 40 different settings and spent countless hours tweaking only to later on find issues with something. Sharpness at 12 I faught hard on at first, but all I can say is I am seeing detail I never knew existed before and I was shocked at how the frame rate appeared to smooth out. I was watching a HD broadcast of a UFC and the details were increadable, the sweat, blood and mat detail really were shocking. Madden 10 used to have a lot of jagged edges with the crowd, grass and players that made it look awful when in motion. NHL 10 now has clear skate marks that follow around the players and the jersey names and numbers are easily readable. These are the first settings that have lasted the test of time with me. Cheers everyone!

I disagree with most of this

That is, the features you choose to turn off -- IMHO -- are what we all paid a pretty penny to have in these sets. I could not fathom that they would be useless, so with determined testing and many hours of tweaking, I did actually come up with a comprehensive set of settings for all source, at all resolutions. I did this for myself, and choose to share it because I believe it can benefit you all. I never post anything that I do not consider safe to change so you can rest assured that it is safe to change the SM settings I listed in the previously posted files (see the link in my Signature!). ALWAYS jot down original SM settings in case you want to go back of course! In my files, I offer templates for you to jot down your settings as well.

So, for those who fear not the Service Menu...I have been able to get incredible results with my current settings. The main thing I do now that is different is that I've turned Cinemotion OFF completely, and set Motion Enhancer to HIGH.

Also, if you don't like rich color like we do, my CUSTOM Picture settings have things like the Color at 58, Color Space at STANDARD, and Live Color at OFF -- So there is an option for everyone.

I posted a few screen captures here in the past, here are links to more:

Home Theater Screenshots:

DarkDune's Home Theater Hideout

A favorite is this one, the detail of the switches and the man in the back is amazing -- Click for Full Image!

Just adding to my previous question as an example. BTW this picture looks awesome and I hope I can get my set looking like this with your settings!
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Hello, I used to follow this thread 3 years ago when I first got my ps3 and xbr4 40" . I had a darkdune setting applied on my tv and looked fantastic. Well 3 years later and my tv still going strong just like this thread, very happy too see that. Sadly my ps3 got the ylod about a year ago but I picked myself up a ps4 just about a week ago. I'm looking to see if there are any updates towards gaming calibrations that I can use. Not that it looks great already but why not make it any better (: Any recommendations ?
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Hello KDLXBR owners.

I have had my KDL52XBR5 since 2008 and it still works great. I recently looked into selling it and was shocked at the demand and prices these sets are fetching for a 7 year old TV. Is it just me or is this unusual?

I've seen these snapped right up at $600 or so with no sitting time. I figured with the advancement in panel tech and dropping prices for TVs in general, that the going price for it would be a lot less. Does this model have some sort of cultish following or something?

I also noticed far less demand and sales prices for the proceeding models, like the KDLXBR6+ (they did away with the floating glass design). Perhaps the design and look has something to do with it? I must admit that it is a great looking TV just sitting there powered off. I've not see a better looking design since. I've since upgraded to 4k Samsung TVs and have no real need for it. I do have a sort of nostalgic attachment to it and seeing this odd bit of demand for it makes me want to hold onto it for myself, even though that makes no logical sense.
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