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jjahshik32's Avatar jjahshik32 02:59 AM 10-03-2007
ok I'm deciding either on the SAMSUNG HLT5087 or the Sharp LC-46D64U. I know the samsung has an led, but i'm wondering does it look more vivid because of that?? I know I own a mbp with led backlighting and its awesome so maybe it will be much better?? Also anyone here own the samsung HLT5087? And at my local fry's the HLT5087 is only $1500 while the sharp LC-46D64U is $1999. Why is the samsung so much cheaper is it the quality is not as good?

Also i'm curious if you guys know if the sharp LC-46D64U uses a 10bit processor and 10 bit panel??

mikemikeb's Avatar mikemikeb 08:47 AM 10-03-2007
The Samsung is cheaper because it uses a projection system called "DLP" (stands for "Digital Light Projection"). It provides a lower-priced panel, BUT, if you view it at an angle greater than about 20 degrees, the picture dims. On the Sharp, an LCD, the picture doesn't dim at an angle so much as it abberates -- black levels go down, colors can go all funky, and there may be some dimming there, too. All in all, the Samsung should have good PQ, though I haven't seen it in person, yet.

The Sharps have been known to have banding issues, so buyer beware. I don't know if they have 10-bit processing/panel (nor do I know with the Samsung).
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