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bmizar's Avatar bmizar 04:45 PM 10-19-2007
This is the setup I use:

LG 42LB5D LCD TV 1080p
Denon AVR-488 Receiver
Denon SYS-57HT Speaker System

I had an XBOX 360 Elite hooked up with the HD-DVD add-on. Whenever I play any type of movies from XBOX Live I get static popping noises coming from the speakers in my TV and through my surround sound speakers when I have it hooked up. It never happens on HD movies or video games just on the movies I have downloaded from XBOX Live. I had it connected through HDMI when connected.

I got rid of the 360 because I thought that was the source of the noise but I was wrong. I hooked up my buddies PS3 today and during the opening intro to Blu-Ray movies I am getting that same popping noise. It is fine once the movie starts but the whole intro stuff and even on the menu it pops.

So far I have tried two different HDMI cables and have tried it plugged in to the tv directly with just the HDMI cables and also through the receiver and speakers. I even disabled the speakers on the TV and then it pops through the surround speakers.

Do you think it could be the TV that is causing the problems? It is not the surround system because it was happening before that. I have had the TV for about 40 days and the popping has started from day one.

Why do you think it would work with HD movies and games but then pop on certain things like DVD intros and downloaded videos from XBOX live?

bmizar's Avatar bmizar 05:57 PM 10-19-2007
I just found out from this thread:

Sounds like what I am experiencing.
pkeegan's Avatar pkeegan 08:18 PM 10-19-2007
I had had popping caused by problems with HDMI. I have an Oppo 970HD that was connected via HDMI to a video processor (DVDO VP50). At times I would get this loud popping & clicking.
DVDs with DTS would give the most problems. DVDO issued a new firmware last May and I no longer had the issue. I just upgraded the VP50 to a VP50Pro and while I no longer have the popping issues the VP50Pro no longer receives 5.1 audio via HDMI from the Oppo to its audio out. DVDO is looking at the issue. It appears to be an HDMI driver issue.
slick2211's Avatar slick2211 11:05 AM 10-22-2007
I hope you had the 360 set to 5.1 when using your surround sound system. That might of been one of your problems.
vatkat234's Avatar vatkat234 07:05 PM 01-15-2009
I too also having popping sounds with XBOX 360 HD-DVD addon. It only happens when I start a DVD or fast forward.
hdtvtalk's Avatar hdtvtalk 10:03 AM 10-22-2009
I have the popping sounds on a Samsung 46 LCD when chapter advancing on a Samsung 1590 BluRay player.
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