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zmanfromars's Avatar zmanfromars 10:11 PM 11-24-2007
I just purchased a Samsung LN-T6066F at BB Friday and I love the TV. I'm a little confused however about the DVI port. I have a computer background, so I'm familiar with video ports from that area, but not TV's. Therefore I was a little surprised to see that the TV had a 15 pin VGA like port on it instead of the rectangular DVI port I use on computers. On top of that, the owner's manual shows a picture of the rectangular DVI port as well, so I left wondering if maybe something is wrong. My question is, is this really a true DVI port or do I need to take it back and get one that has the correct port on it?

Also, I purchased a new video card that will output to HDMI. Should I just connect the computer to the HDMI port, or would I be better off connecting to the hopefully DVI port?

codyczu's Avatar codyczu 02:42 PM 05-13-2013
On there website they describe this port as DVI port also this my require a call to Samsung however if it is a VGA on all newer models all it takes is a simple adapter to change it over. However I would use an HDMI cable if I was able to this will enable the use of whatever sound system your TV is connected too which is always a plus to me because I hate all those jumbled wires going everywhere.
Luke M's Avatar Luke M 03:08 PM 05-13-2013
Don't know about that model, but very few TVs have DVI inputs. But it doesn't matter, you can easily connect DVI to HDMI - they are compatible, just need the right cable or adapter. VGA also works in a pinch, but HDMI is preferred.
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