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Elbie's Avatar Elbie 06:07 PM 09-22-2012
Still using mine!

hamburglar2's Avatar hamburglar2 09:01 AM 10-16-2012
I'm still using mine, bought it in 08 and it runs just the same as day 1.

Anyone else have issues trying to play Blu-rays? My HTPC is not recognizing the tv as an HDCP compatible device.
NRG-Diesel's Avatar NRG-Diesel 10:21 PM 12-02-2012
Hi I have a 247fhd-t11 I was given it by a friend because it has a problem with the main digital board? It has horizontal lines across the screen that dance up and down. and the screen gets bright flashes as well. If you smack the tv it will most times fix the problem for a while. I was thinking since a smack causes a change with the issue it could be a solder joint problem and any luck re-flowing the solder?
Thanks, Nathan
Wolves0208's Avatar Wolves0208 10:57 PM 12-25-2012
Hey there, I was wondering if anyone had the most current firmware version. I have been looking for one for ages!!! If anyone could help, I would be very grateful!!
redskinjonesy's Avatar redskinjonesy 11:58 AM 01-05-2013
FYI, mine died 3 days after Christmas... For about a month prior, the unit would only power on by way of the power switch, not the remote... Yet it would turn off with the remote.... then one day last week, I pressed the power button, the blue light went off, but the tv never came on.... left it off for a while unplugged, nothin..

Took it apart and found 2 blown caps on the power supply. I have ordered a repair kit through

I will let you know what happens..
redskinjonesy's Avatar redskinjonesy 04:46 PM 01-15-2013
Got my kit from lcd alternatives. Replaced the 2 blown caps and everything is as good as new...

Tv IS working again....
dad1153's Avatar dad1153 05:42 PM 01-15-2013
You go girl! cool.gif
utmba95's Avatar utmba95 06:09 PM 02-18-2013
I'd love to get the latest firmware if somebody can PM me. DirecTV's remote seems to think this TV supports discrete On (OBC 64)/Off (OBC 65) codes, but my TV doesn't respond to them. Or if anybody can confirm that it does or does not have discrete codes, that would also be helpful.
JaeRSr's Avatar JaeRSr 09:22 PM 09-06-2013
Hello all,

I'm having a real problem with my Olevia 747 FHD. When I turn it on I see white vertical lines flickering across the entire screen. The used to disappear after about 30 minutes, Now the monitor just continues to flicker permanently. On some occasions, the screen will just turn completely white and I cannot view any image whatsoever, only sound.
The link below is an example of what happens when I turn the TV on:

After researching the issue i've pretty much ruled out that its a power capacitor issue because the TV does turn on. Does anyone have an idea of where I should begin looking to solve this problem.
darcilicious's Avatar darcilicious 10:59 AM 10-23-2013
Hey, have had this TV for quite a while and still perfectly happy with it. Was wondering though, does it have a USB port (I don't think so but I'd like to be wrong!) and if so, where smile.gif
Luyseyal's Avatar Luyseyal 03:39 PM 02-03-2014
I recently replaced the main board in my Olevia 242TFHD with a main board from a 247TFHD. The picture decoding looks "off" on every source. Everything else is fine. Any ideas? The firmware is still listed as for the 247.

Thanks for any help!
anjenaire's Avatar anjenaire 08:00 AM 04-30-2014
I saw an old (circa 2008!) thread about issues with freezing on Comcast cable box while left overnight. I just switched to Comcast and I am having the same issue when routing my signal through a Yamaha Rx-V467 receiver. I am forced to reboot the cable box. I was also having issues with audio when the receiver is ON but not with pass-through. I have re-connected the cable box to go directly from the cable box to the second HDMI input and then ran an optical cord from the TV to the AV4 input. This seems to have solved the freezing overnight issue and reboot but of course the audio signal is now only stereo and I have to either shut the TV speakers OFF or use the TV remote to lower the volume to zero. Both of which are not wife/family friendly.

I have tried changing out the HDMI cord numerous times, changing the power on sequence but I am still not having any luck with Comcast Xfinity --> Yamaha Reciever __> Olevia 247TFHD with respect to audio with the receiver on. I know that the TV is now approaching 7 years old (and the original manufacturer went out of business) but this TV is very finicky with the HDCP handshaking. I have a Pioneer receiver with more HDMI inputs that won't display anything on this set that is now in the living room doing music duty only.

Is there some setting I'm not thinking about? Is there a way to rename the source inputs? Any suggestions?
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