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llSamsungll's Avatar llSamsungll 10:13 AM 11-29-2007
Ok guys so I have had my 32" Samsung LNS3241 since Oct 2006.Games look great.Now a month after I bought my tv I purchased the Panasonic HTIB SA-HT744.Now this unit has a 5 disc HDMI dvd player.Only problem is that the picture quality on it looks like abosolute garbage.It looks so grainy that it is unbearable to watch.Now this problem has bothered me for a year and I figure it is now time to see what is going on.I have an hdmi cable running directly from my tv to the panasonic HTIB receiver.Would you guys have any idea why the picture looks horrendous and so grainy?

Here is the link to my HTIB manual:

And here is the link to my TV:

Sorry if this is the wrong forum I couldnt decide to either post it here or the Home theater in a box forum

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