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post #241 of 245 Old 01-15-2014, 03:38 PM
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hello , getting that same sort of image on some white screen stuff on my pn58c6400 of course out of warranty , but it is not always there , in fact the other night using pvr passed through a section of a commecial with the bleeding purple then re wound and ran through it again
and the image was fine - but I have seen this effect more often recently - generally regular shows , movies etc look fine but this appears on certain white background areas - but really inconsistent ! hapened once on my PS3 input on menue screens as well so it likely is not coming from the
the source stb or bd player - Ill try and pause one next time and take a photo - I heard there are some sort of samsung implied warranty or words to that effect - that may be needed
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post #242 of 245 Old 01-16-2014, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by ToonMasterTim View Post

Reviews fail to mention it, I suppose because it is inherent in plasmas and they assume everyone knows about it.

Just to add some more fuel to the fire. I am in a very similar position to you.

I thought that reviewers knew about the issue as well. I emailed the wirecutter who reviewed the TV and sent them a video of the problem. See the attached thread.
Hi Brian,
Thanks for setting up such a great site this year.

I bought the Panasonic ST50 on the sites recommendation and it has been great. The one thing that I would have liked to know before I bought it was about the Plasma banding. I had only ever purchased LED TV's before and they didn't have this. It seems quite prominent on this one, or do you know if some are worse than others.

All the best for the New Year.

Hey Geoff, what do you think about plasma banding vs lcd? This is Reuben, a reader, who bought the st50 and was surprised by it. Let me know when you have a second,

Banding? Can you explain what you mean and/or send a picture?

Video and picture attached. It is most obvious in menus, but I also often notice it in movies/tv as well. It's only noticeable in certain scenes, but when it is really draws me away from the content.

You can see the band on the left where it should be grey it changes to a much lighter hue. This follows the yellow bar as you can see in the video.

This happens with any input source, the picture is from the built in menus.

Would like to hear your thoughts.

That's not "banding" in the technical sense, but seems more a uniformity issue. All TVs have this to some extent, but plasmas significantly less so than modern LCDs. Check out this article: which is about how bad edge-lit LCDs are in terms of uniformity, and mentions plasmas towards the bottom.

I doubt there's anything wrong with your TV, but if it's really bothering you, I'd see about swapping it out for another ST50. Uniformity can vary a lot per sample. If you got it from a store, ask to plug in the replacement and check it while you're still there.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I went and found a higher quality camera where I could set the shutter speed to be at the same frequency as the TV. Please see the new video and see if you think it is still a uniformity issue rather than banding.

I have a Sony 55" LED at work and I definitely can notice uniformity issues on it as you describe in your article, however since they are consistent they are not nearly as annoying as whatever the effect that this Plasma is doing.

PS. sorry for using your face, I just grabbed it since it was on the page you sent through and faces are a good illustration of how annoying this is when watching something on the set.

Seems weird. I'd either call Panasonic and see what they say, or replace it for a new one.

Thanks for the advice.

I recorded one more video if you ever come across something similar again -

Have talked to Panasonic and they are going to come around and pick it up in Mid Jan.

Hi Guys,

Another follow up on this email. Panasonic took the TV to test it at the beginning of the week and have now come back and said that this is the standard behaviour of all these models of TV.

I think it could be worth making potential buyers aware of this significant picture quality issue when buying this TV. I shot a video on my wife's D800 which shows the issue exactly. -

I have been very disappointed with this issue especially now that Panasonic has come back and said that it is the standard behaviour of this model.

I've now had an official response back from Panasonic which you can see in the attached letter. I'd really appreciate it if you could add some detail to your plasma TV reviews that highlights the issue of line bleeding as according to Panasonic NZ the levels of it seen are the video are normal behaviour for these TVs.

Sorry to hear you're not liking the TV. I have a $4000 LED LCD monitor that exhibits similar "banding." There is no such thing as a perfect TV (well, not until OLED... maybe). I, and pretty much every TV reviewer, would take the overall excellent picture quality of a plasma over the varied and often significant negatives of any LCD. I'd still buy an ST50 if I were looking for a TV and that was my budget.

If it bothers you enough to want to return it, Samsung has several models in that price range that are good, though not quite as good. They might not have the "banding" issue, I don't know.

For interest the Geoff in the email is @TechWriterGeoff
And also attached the service report that references the YouTube video stating that this is not a fault but standard behaviour.

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I've never noticed it much on the samsung51pne450.I think I've seen it slightly but I try not too look for it.Its not much if it's there.Hopefully it does not become an issue here.I usually sit around 15 ft back.
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post #244 of 245 Old 01-16-2014, 09:31 PM
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I just got a cheap LG 60PN5000 and haven't noticed anything like this on it yet.  Will definitely keep an eye out however...

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post #245 of 245 Old 01-20-2014, 12:57 PM
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My Panasonic 50GT60 has this problem. Long story but I'm on my third set now. Never noticed it on the first one but it blew up one day :(  Noticed it straight away on 2nd and 3rd sets.


Trying to get something done about it now but I'm not sure how much joy I'm gonna have. If this is an inherent aspect of the GT60 then it certainly didn't deserve all those great reviews. Especially with no mention of this problem. Yes the picture quality is great but this "defect" actually distorts the picture at points. Railings going behind news presenters should stay there. Not continue across their chest!


If I can swing a full refund I'll take it as I can't ignore this problem now. But is it worth it? Then I'm left with LCD/LED which, lets be honest, have their own drawbacks. Maybe I should go back to reading books. At least the blacks are black and the contrast levels are always great lol.

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