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sealteamz6's Avatar sealteamz6 12:41 AM 11-30-2013
Do I use the same slides in the original post for my ST60? I can't seem to find the ST60 specific ones...unless they don't exist

dlomonosov's Avatar dlomonosov 11:32 AM 03-01-2014
I have 58" S2 Panny

First off thank you to D-Nice for posting your calibration settings, very helpful. I followed your settings on the link:

I set all regular settings on TV then wanted to set the service menu settings and wanted to make sure I did it right. When I got in to service menu I learned how to navigate through it on youtube tutorial. So when I got to WB-ADJ MENU I followed your guide: set Color Matrix to Cinema on HD and SD by changing inputs and adjusted settings per your settings below on Method Select 00 it was set to 03. So I wanted to make sure that each of the sub items R-DVR, G-DVR etc I just counted down or up depending on your settings below from what it was? For example my TV had : R-DRV F5, G-DRV FF, B-DRV 9B, R-CUT 80, G-CUT 80, B-CUT 80. So when I adjusted I just clicked VOL down or up depending on your settings, like your R-DRV +5 I clicked up on Vol 5 times, is that Correct?

So now my settings are:

R-DRV FA, G-DRV F4, B-DRV 90 (AS YOU HAD -11), R-CUT 7E, G-CUT 80 (AS YOU HAD 0), B-CUT 84

D-Nice settings listed:

Service Menu Offsets

R-DRV: +5
G-DRV: -11
B-DRV: -11
R-CUT: -2
G-CUT: 0
B-CUT: +4

Note: These offsets must be entered for both Color matrixes. You access the different matrixes by using a 1080i/p signal for the HD matrix and 480i/p signal for the SD matrix. The WB Method Select option should be set to 00 instead of 03.
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