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Linus82's Avatar Linus82 05:19 AM 08-10-2010

New Pana 50" G20.

More pics at

iceclimber's Avatar iceclimber 01:11 PM 08-10-2010
beauty Linus!!!
MRinDenver's Avatar MRinDenver 01:18 PM 08-10-2010
Pioneer Signature 101fd

Klipsch RF7s, RC7 (surround and sub out of picture)

Oppo BDP83, DirectTV 21Pro, Denon 4308 and 2910, Apple TV in cabinet
ciscomike's Avatar ciscomike 10:57 PM 08-10-2010
finally got it all set up
Denon 1911
Panasonic BD350
Tivo Premiere
Def Technology Gems
fatuglyguy's Avatar fatuglyguy 02:35 AM 08-11-2010
working on my first "real" setup and this is it as of now. next on my list of upgrades is speakers, neat cable management, sub, and TV stand

nothing fancy but i'm pretty happy...for now!

Panasonic TC-P50G20
BD: Pioneer BDP-320
HD-DVD: Toshiba HD-A30
Receiver: Pioneer VSX-21TXH
Speakers: Klipsch Quintet IV
Sub: Sony SA-WP780
Power: Panamax M8-AV-PRO

excuse the photography.

tysonmax's Avatar tysonmax 09:04 AM 08-11-2010
Main Viewing

54" Panasonic


42" Samsung

Im2sexy's Avatar Im2sexy 10:40 AM 08-11-2010
Nice setup Tyson, Love the Swan Divas. Im pretty sure those are going to be my next speakers
tysonmax's Avatar tysonmax 11:12 AM 08-11-2010
Originally Posted by Im2sexy View Post

Nice setup Tyson, Love the Swan Divas. Im pretty sure those are going to be my next speakers

Thanks! Yeah I've had the Swans for a couple years now and they still make me smile. For the price they're fantastic.
davestercrombie's Avatar davestercrombie 05:23 PM 08-11-2010
Originally Posted by salmonsc View Post

What size is the screen in your living room?! Looks huge in this picture.

The living room is a p58vt25
theanimala's Avatar theanimala 07:10 PM 08-11-2010
Great pics everyone! Does anyone happen to have any pictures of a corner situated setup? I am really wanting to get a 65" plasma but I am limited to putting it into the corner. I am thinking a smaller stand under it diagonally, while having the TV mounted to the wall in the corner. Since a 65" is so wide I am not sure if that is a possibility...
JukeBox360's Avatar JukeBox360 09:06 PM 08-11-2010
I've tried that with a 55 and it was a pain in the azz and honestly didn't look to good.
Iorek's Avatar Iorek 01:47 PM 08-12-2010
Living room with the new 58VT25:

iceclimber's Avatar iceclimber 06:13 PM 08-12-2010
nice, and I Love the "natural" ideal lume light you are using
JukeBox360's Avatar JukeBox360 09:38 PM 08-12-2010
Very nice!!!!!
Iorek's Avatar Iorek 08:00 AM 08-13-2010
Originally Posted by iceclimber View Post

nice, and I Love the "natural" ideal lume light you are using

Heh, I have the blinds open so I could get enough light for a decent picture with my little crappy camera. It gets quite dark with them closed, and funnily enough I do have an ideal lume light behind the TV.
brandon95030's Avatar brandon95030 03:26 PM 08-14-2010
Panasonic V10 65" plasma. Monitor Audio RS6 speakers.

RC-J's Avatar RC-J 03:46 PM 08-14-2010
Originally Posted by brandon95030 View Post

Panasonic V10 65" plasma. Monitor Audio RS6 speakers.

That looks great.
iceclimber's Avatar iceclimber 05:12 PM 08-14-2010
really nice!!
jaymalya's Avatar jaymalya 12:12 AM 08-15-2010
Samsung PN58B650 plasma
Mirage OM-9/OMC2/Omnisat v2
Pioneer elite 82TXS/Emotiva xpa-3
HSU vtf2.3 dual subs
Energy s10.3 sub with FMOD ( nearfield)
DIrectTV HR21/Oppo BDP-83/Roku HD/Macbook
Panamax 5300-EX/BFD 1124P
Im2sexy's Avatar Im2sexy 05:17 AM 08-15-2010
Sweet setup Jaymalya.
jaymalya's Avatar jaymalya 08:17 AM 08-15-2010
Thank you
WonHung's Avatar WonHung 02:06 PM 08-15-2010
My family room system:

And a repost of my dedicated system posted earlier in this thread:

oldirtdog's Avatar oldirtdog 09:24 AM 08-17-2010
here's some pics of my finally completed setup, and the gear is onkyo ht-s5300, samsung pn63c8000, Bromley 48" - 68" TV Stand in Black Lacquer, SANUS SYSTEMS BF-31B Wood Speaker Stands for front speakers, Speaker Stand - Black (SS-01) - Set of 2 from nonoprice for surrounds, and finally Amanda Blackout Room Darkening Window Panels by Eclipse (khaki).
elixxxer's Avatar elixxxer 09:28 AM 08-17-2010
I'm always fairly satisfied with my system(s) until I wander into threads like these and am pummelled with awesomeness. I think I will post and not come back.

bfocussvt's Avatar bfocussvt 09:52 AM 08-17-2010
Originally Posted by Iorek View Post

Living room with the new 58VT25:

Nice bias lighting.
ElwayLite's Avatar ElwayLite 11:25 AM 08-19-2010
Made some adjustments to my Living Room setup, mainly the TiVo HD XL added today. Also removed the Blu-ray player and went back to the Vudu box.

Directv HR22
Vudu BX100
DVDO iScan Duo
Denon 1909
Klipsch Sub 12
Definitive Tech LCR
Init Stand
Surge protection
APC Back-UPS 750 for DVR's

Dark05's Avatar Dark05 01:33 AM 08-21-2010
Very cool setups! It's cool to see the variety people have in speakers especially when so many TVs are similar.

Here's my setup. These pics are a year old so things have changed somewhat since then. The sub has been moved many times and now rests under the tv. The components are on the right side with the 360 standing upright next to the tv stand. On the left side I've added a PS3 in-between the left speaker and TV. Also the speakers are naked with the grills off because it actually made a noticeable difference.

Panasonic 42PZ80
Polk rti4 x 2 pair.
Polk csi3 center
Velodnye vrp1200
Onkyo 506
PS3 Slim
Fios DVR.

The next thing I want to do is replace the receiver with a warmer sounds like an HK that can decode hdmi audio.
homank76's Avatar homank76 03:19 AM 08-21-2010
My little 50"

ElwayLite's Avatar ElwayLite 05:46 AM 08-21-2010
Why you watchin in Korean? Hehe.
homank76's Avatar homank76 05:49 AM 08-21-2010
Originally Posted by ElwayLite View Post

Why you watchin in Korean? Hehe.

Trying to enhance my education
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