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I bought a Phiips 50PFP5332D 50" Plasma HDTV from WalMart in first quarter 2008, brought it home and set it up on its base stand connected to my TW cable and life was good. After a week or so, I installed the wall mount above the fireplace, moved some cables around and hooked up a DVD player in addition to the cable.

Oops, trouble when I hooked up the HDMI connection from the DVD to the HDMI connection on the TV. The picture was there for about 5 minutes and then it disappeared. Moved to the other HDMI input on the TV and same thing.... after about 5 minutes the picture disappeared here as well. Well, maybe it's the cable, so I go back to Wally-world and get a "better, greater" cable, come home and install it, and it too fails after about 5 minutes (both inputs). Oh, well, I have composite cables, so I connect up to the first composite input and life is good again. Now, I'm using and antenna input and one composite input, I still have a couple more options. Life is still good.

I'm happy with this for a long time. The wife's happy (when Mama's happy, everybody's happy). I start thinking that TW is charging me too much for Roadrunner. After all, I've been a steady customer for over 10 years, and now they're offering others a connection for $19.95. I call and complain. They offer me a year of the same RR + digital cable for $10 a month less than I've been paying. That sounds good, so I say, "Sign me up."

The installer comes out, puts on some new connectors, replaces the cable splitter and installs the cable box. Then he asks where I want the input from the box connected on the TV. Assuming the previous problem (HDMI) I had with the DVD player was the player's fault, I say, "Try one of the HDMI inputs. He does. It works and life seems good, but alas, about 5 minutes later the TV screen goes blank and the sound goes silent. Hmmmm? Oh, yes, he had used another brand new cable. So, we've had 3 different cables and two different devices into the HDMI inputs of this TV and none work past about 5 minutes. If I remove the cables from HDMI, power off the TV for about 20-25 minutes (more or less), then reconnect HDMI and power on, I can get it to work for another 5 or so minutes.

Has anyone else seen similar problems with HDMI on this Philips Plasma HDTV? Other than this the only issues I've ever had is a few times after losing power during storms and having it come right back on (just off for 2-15 seconds) things have been really screwy. I've always been able to resolve these issues by pulling the power cable for 30-45 seconds and then go through a "mini-setup." Knowing and understanding computers / flash memories, etc. I don't find this behavior odd. However, I do find the HDMI issues odd.

So far, this isn't a show-stopper. And as long as the composite inputs continue working I don't guess it ever will be, but it is a PITA. And using 1 cable instead of 3 would be a lot friendlier. I'd really appreciate any words of wisdom if anyone has experienced and resolved this issue.

Thanks in advance,
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No response to the question after 2 years. I am having a similar issue. Brand new SSB and no HDMI input. Plug my pc into the tv in the other room, no problem. Plug it into the hdmi of the phillips and I get nothing. Changed the options codes to the same as the back on the tv and it will not let me reset them. It keeps going back to the original number. I read the Reset SSB paper 1000 times and still nothing. BAD Board number 6? I think I am crazy now. I should have bought a new tv.
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