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birddog06's Avatar birddog06 06:30 PM 12-13-2010
Wishing to upgrade our old Panasonic 42" EDTV plasma to a nice Hi-Def 50" or ?. We will be using the Flat Panel for HD satellite and some xbox 360 , we have a projector dedicated for movies but we may hook up a DVD player for 'quick' movies for the kids. We will be sitting aprox 10 feet away so I am comfortable with a 50" TV. Now the real question, my current budget is around $800 which I feel is more than adequate for an everyday workhorse type of TV and there are a plethora of TV's out there and have narrowed it down to these:

Panasonic TC-P50U2 - $699

Samsung PN50C550 - $899

Samsung PN50C450 - $699 ( 720p )

Panasonic TC-P50C2 - $649 ( 720 P )

Panasonic TC-P50S2 - $869

Any recommendations of thoughts? I have included the 720P in my choices based on price and price alone, and since most of what we watch on satellite is broadcast in 720p anyway I am not opposed to getting a 720P panel. Thanks for your help guys, much appreciated
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PrimeTime's Avatar PrimeTime 06:59 PM 12-13-2010
You left out what I consider to be the winner. That would be the Samsung PN50C490.

Yeah, it's a 720p panel. But for $900 these days, you get:

* a 3-D display
* an exceptional 2-D display
* two free pairs of 3-D viewing glasses
* a 3-D Blu-Ray player (in some areas)

That's a lot of bang for the buck.
Servicetech571's Avatar Servicetech571 07:04 PM 12-13-2010
Also look at the 50pk550, a lot of TV for the money.
birddog06's Avatar birddog06 07:06 PM 12-13-2010
I am really not interested in a 3D set currently, with a family of 4 and visitors coming over and needing glasses for them as well, well lets just say not at the top of my list
H_Prestige's Avatar H_Prestige 08:53 PM 12-13-2010
Samsung C550 is a class above all the other plasmas in your list. I'd go for that.
ROMAN O's Avatar ROMAN O 08:59 PM 12-13-2010
Originally Posted by H_Prestige View Post

Samsung C550 is a class above all the other plasmas in your list. I'd go for that.

Agreed and its on special now
bobbvis's Avatar bobbvis 09:23 PM 12-13-2010
I've been researching for my parents and ended up recomending the Lg 50 pk550. I believe based on pro calibrator Chad B.'s rankings, the lg was slightly ahead of the Sammy 550, and further ahead of the Panny s2. All good choices, though. Get the best deal you can find with a good return policy. Good luck, and enjoy the tv.
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