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sbkraft's Avatar sbkraft 07:41 AM 02-04-2011
I have had no luck with my Pioneer PDP 507CMX... Both the front panel and remote is locked (was hooked up to an external remote via rs232).

Is there any software that can be used to access the service menu via rs232?

Just want to able to remove the lock on the IR and the front panel...


(ps: please help, so I dont just throw out a 50" pioneer)

Acid Snow's Avatar Acid Snow 01:10 PM 02-04-2011
I don't have a solution (more of a bump really), but am curious what you mean when saying: "Both the front panel and remote is locked" - do you mean you can't enter any commands into either , thus rendering the TV unusable?

I haven't looked at this Serial Reference Command Manual PDF file in any detail, but maybe it can help you somehow. ...If not, then someone else might chime in with an idea. Good luck!
sbkraft's Avatar sbkraft 01:15 PM 02-04-2011
Acid Snow-- You are correct. Currently the TV is 100% unusable. The remote wont turn on the TV, the power buttons on th front panel wont turn on the TV.

The TV is currently is in standby (constant red luight) mode the entire time.

I did look at the Serial Reference Manual -- But I am a NEWBIE so, I dont know how to use software to send commands via an RS232 cable.

The TV DOES have the ability to lock out he remote and the front panel.
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