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DWSpiro 09-21-2011 04:42 PM

I have the Philips 42PF7320A/37. About a year ago was having problems with horizontal lines and people on this forum were great about isolating it as a the Y-Buffer boards (upper and lower). Found a pair on eBay, opened up the set, swapped them out, solved my problem. YAY!

Now a year later, new problem. A few days ago, a single thin black horizontal line appeared along the top of the screen - maybe 25% of the way down. Very narrow line. Maybe should have stopped using the TV then, but kept it on. About 30 mins later, the picture just went black. Still had sound but no picture.

After leaving it unplugged for a while I checked it again. Still had sound and no picture, but within 4-5 minutes, the TV would just power down completely and the red light in front would start blinking. The dreaded 7 blinks.

Today, problem remains the same. Turn it on, first click happens, then about 20 seconds later, turns off and red blinking.

Took the back off and checked the capacitors on the power board - no bulging. Still swapped them out - just in case. No change.

Back is still off and have a voltmeter so I can test specific things or tell you about what lights are going on and what isn't. My fear at this point is that it may have been the Y-Main and now is also the power board....but not sure.

I know I could just trash the TV or sell it for parts, but if I could get it fixed for under $200, I'd rather hold onto it if I could. Thoughts on next steps?

FadedMaster 09-21-2011 08:54 PM

Isolate different boards and see if you get any changes. A single black line usually indicates the panel, but you can check to see if the y-buffers are loading something down by taking them out of circuit. Since you had no picture with sound, I would check the x-main also. See if you get the TV to start up again with that out of circuit.

If it turns out to be the x-main though, it's quite possible you'll still have that horizontal line after replacing the x-main.

74f100 09-21-2011 09:13 PM

That set should run with the upper buffer completely removed. For a VERY short time.

I do this sometimes to see if a buffer is pulling the Y-sus down. But as previously posted, normally a single line is the panel. I did have the ribbon cable plug (couldn't think of a better explanation), that goes into the panel. Had one line come unsoldered going to the plastic plug it self.


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