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12-18-2011 | Posts: 1
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it was going to be thrown out as it no longer worked correctley you plugged it in and it had the red light on the front flashing 7 times looked it up and most are having troubled with the capacitors and the boards they are talking about is the LJ44-00117A well mine has the board LJ44-00119A in it and doesnt have those caps in their place anywayse i pulled the board out and looked at it didnt see any thing burnet on it I DID FIND the 2 big caps inbetween the heatsinks C8055 AND C8008 one of them had the black plastic top missing it wasnt split but figures it got hot and plastic sides shrunk and cap fell off i dunno i puled them off found some replacements i had the guy check the old caps and they where reading low i put in the replacement caps put the board back in hoping it would fire up and now as soon as the power cable is incerted you can hear 2 clicks from relays and the green light on the board lights up and the green light on the front of tv lights up and stays on aswell so no more flashing red light just now lights stay on no sounds or picture from tv and the power button on the side does nothing you cannot turn it off or on you plug it in and lights stays on thats it ..
i checked the voltages and they seem to all be on all but the VS IM ONLY GETTING 9 WHEN IF IM READING THE STICKER ON THE TV CORRECTLY ITS SUPPOSTO BE 197?
the va reads 65 and thats what the sticker says
SO any ideas??
I have located a LJ44-00117A power board that is supposta work the only differance i see is the one plug marked buffor is moved up to the left insetd of the bottom thats no big deal anyone know of any other differances or will it plug and play?
i dont want to dump money into the tv if its junk and not worth messing with
i was trying to fix the tv for the kids for christmas
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Did you get new capacitor replacements from Digikey ? I would.....

Also, there's alot more solutions and you'd be better off posting this on the Main 9631 User Thread.
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