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basiamarie's Avatar basiamarie 08:10 PM 08-13-2012
Any suggestions for a long-standing & recurring problem I've been experiencing with Pioneer Elite... ? The set will randomly power off - blue light in lower left corner changes to flashing red. Only remedy is to unplug, wait several seconds & restart TV. An authorized service company spent six months last year trying to diagnose & resolve the problem; replaced motherboard 2x as well as power supply. There was a firmware upgrade as well to support the new motherboard. The same problem occurred the day the set was reinstalled.

Out of sheer frustration with the service organization, I've allowed this problem to continue throughout the past several months -- it may power off several times in one night or the problem might not occur for several days. It might occur a few minutes after the set is turned on or power off when the set has been operational for a couple of hours. Again, totally random/intermittent.

Two days before the 2012 Olympic finals, the set powered off and during the initialization process a wide black vertical line appeared and the set immediately powered off again. This now happens every time I attempt to restart the TV. I'm unclear as to where to go from here since every electrical component of this TV has been replaced. I was told by the last service company that there was a manufacturing defect in the main circuit board for this TV. The set was purchased in 2008 and is covered by extended warranty. No problems for the first two years.

Any advice or insight is very much appreciated! I'm not sure which authorized service organizations I can trust (Chicago area) as Pioneer does not appear to offer direct service/support for Plasma Flat Panel displays.

EnjoyingMyRide's Avatar EnjoyingMyRide 07:10 AM 08-14-2012
I own the same set.
Are you running your AC power for the plasma through any surge protection and/or conditioner prior to reaching the plasma?
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