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dharris1969's Avatar dharris1969 09:45 AM 08-20-2012
Hi all, it's been a long time! Every time I need advice I come here for it :-)
Looking to get a bigger better TV with a budget of 2000.00 and would like to stay at the 55" size.

I currently own Panasonic TC-P42S2, first question are the latest plasma TV's better than just a couple years back?
If I go the LED route what TVS should I look at?



Jasonzo6's Avatar Jasonzo6 09:50 AM 08-20-2012
The new Panny's are even better than last years! For your budget, I would look no further than the 55VT50 for top o' da' line fun! You should be able to find it below the $2,000 price at Paul's or Amazon over the next few weeks.

I wouldn't touch an LED-LCD...
Jasonzo6's Avatar Jasonzo6 09:52 AM 08-20-2012
dharris1969's Avatar dharris1969 10:04 AM 08-20-2012
Thank you so much for the reply, did notice a TV we have been looking at on that list TC-P55ST50
Is this also a good upgrade?
oztech's Avatar oztech 10:32 AM 08-20-2012
Originally Posted by dharris1969 View Post

Thank you so much for the reply, did notice a TV we have been looking at on that list TC-P55ST50
Is this also a good upgrade?

Jasonzo6's Avatar Jasonzo6 01:49 PM 08-20-2012
Yup! Another great TV, just two down the list from the VT. For $2,000 though, you could jump on the 65" ST version... just sayin'. smile.gif
dharris1969's Avatar dharris1969 08:29 AM 08-27-2012
Okay all, I bought a new 60" Plasma but not a Panasonic. Ended up going with Samsung PN60E7000FFXZA. Both the PN60E7000FFXZA and the Pan GT 60" were side by side in Magnolia.
My wife and could not really tell a difference in video quality. Since we could not make a decision based on video we went with cost first. Both TV's cost exactly the same so that did not help much.
We ended up picking the Samsung for three reasons, one the look on the frame looked better to us, two the Samsung came free with a 22" LED 1080p TV and three, Samsung came free with two pairs of
3D glasses. Nice thing about the free TV, we were also in the market for a new TV for our RV bedroom. The free glasses really means nothing to since we will not be watching 3D. Almost went with the VT 55" but the cheap plastic metal looking frame does not look good to us.
Thank you for your help guys,
armand9601's Avatar armand9601 08:41 PM 08-27-2012
Let me guess, you went to BB - I just picked up the exact same set up & will be having it delivered tomorrow btwn 4-6:00.

I also went back & forth with the Panasonic but ended up choosing the Samsung - we have a Samnsung in the bedroom & it's been great. It was a dead heat for me but the 3D glasses just kind of irked me - the cost on those has to be neglible. I lucked into the bonus 22", I thought that offer had passes me by (it was actually a 26" but 720p about a week or so ago).

Good luck, I'll make sure to come back here & post my thoughts / first impressions
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