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savora's Avatar savora 11:28 AM 08-28-2012

I have a VT50 and am trying to get it to work with a roomie remote. I notice that the internet connection (through wifi) seems to lose its connection when I turn the tv off. When I go to settings, network, it recognizes my network with 4/5 bars. It connects when I reinitiate it and works fine until I turn the TV off.

Is there any setting change that would help to keep it connected at all times?


spacecoast's Avatar spacecoast 06:21 PM 08-28-2012
I have a VT30 and it does not stay connected when turned off. Also, I find internet video better running the connection through my Sony DVD player, rather than thru the TV. I almost never use the TV as the internet connection. Hope that helps
weedeater's Avatar weedeater 05:00 PM 08-29-2012
I wouldn't expect much of anything to stay connected once it was powered off, though that might depend on your definition of 'connected'.
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