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10-03-2012 | Posts: 2
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I just updated my Panasonic TC-P65S1 firmware using an SD card. The update said “Upgrade completed successfully. Please
remove the TV plug”. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. When i press power I can hear it turn on and the led light turns red (which is normal) but nothing displays on screen and after about 15 seconds it powers off and back on. It does this 3 times before turning off completely.

I have tried the following to reset the tv:
- Pressing the "Vol -" on the tv and "Menu" on the remote for 5 seconds. Nothing displays on screen.
- Unplugged the tv overnight and plugged it back it. Still nothing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Exactly which firmware update did you apply to your TV?

Where did you get it from?

And why did you update the firmware? Were you having an issue or problem?

Are you absolutely positive that the firmware you installed is the correct firmware version for your particular country's version of the 65" S1?

If someone downloads and installs firmware that is not specifically intended for their particular size and model, or for their country's version of that particular model then it usually kills the TV.
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10-03-2012 | Posts: 2
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I am pretty sure i downloaded the correct firmware. This was the only firmware listed on the US panasonic site for the TC-P65S1. It was version 2.26

I was having some very minor issues with the screen dimming occasionally and wanted to see if the update resolved it as it was listed in the issues.

Is there a way to resolve this or is my tv dead?
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