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BCook67's Avatar BCook67 11:00 AM 10-31-2012
I've noticed with my new Samsung PN51E7000 plasma that I have a perfectly clear image when there is little movement or few items on the screen, but in scenes where there is fast motion or large groups of people I get a very pixelated image. For instance, a car sitting still is perfectly clear, but as soon as it speeds up the entire image quality degrades significantly. My fiance and I also noticed the effect while watching Happy Feet 2 on a scene where there were two shrimp swimming the image was crystal clear, but as soon as there was a whole school of shrimp swimming the image became very pixelated and choppy. I've searched the forum and found no one else mentioning this issue, and also contacted Samsung's tech support (completely useless), so I'm turning to you guys to know if this is common for this particular TV, plasmas in general, etc. The TV is brand new and relatively large so I don't want to chance sending it for servicing if this is a normal issue, but I honestly don't know enough to make the call myself. It is the same issue using both the cable box or a high-end Samsung Blu-Ray player (both attached via HDMI). Thanks for any help you guys can give me.


DrewM's Avatar DrewM 03:06 PM 10-31-2012
I have the same thing goining on with my PN60E7000, but not with Blu-Ray. It does it only on certain channels from DTV, so Im guessing it is a source issue for me. ESPN looks great for football, but FOX and CBS not so good on fast pans. The players always look good but the people on the sidelines will become problamatic. Blu-Ray's look fantastic, DVD's are only so-so but most Primetime TV looks just fine.
Ph8te's Avatar Ph8te 04:29 PM 10-31-2012
its almost likely a setting that you have, it would probably be helpful if you posted the settings that you have on your TV. You may also get a quicker response if you post this in the E7000/E8000 owners thread as I am sure more than a few owners have subscriptions to it and would be able to beter help you smile.gif
BCook67's Avatar BCook67 08:38 AM 11-01-2012
Thanks for the responses guys, I'll note down and post my settings this evening. I was having horrible luck with Samsung's online support (both email and chat) so yesterday evening I gave them a call to discuss my issue. The phone tech mentioned that what I am seeing is not common, and that they would send an in-house tech to take a look at it. I'll post the results.

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