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Hello everyone,

I am new here. Love the site, always use it(without being signed up until now) to catch up on tech, as I have been a long time without money and am just now able to get caught up to the year 2012, lol.

I bought a Viera U50, 50" plasma HDTV at Best Buy two weeks ago for $699 and have had a ton of issues. The first was the "red light of death" on the first one they delivered, now the second one, which I have had for a week and a half, is having different issues. There is a lot of ghosting on the screen (image retention?) that is occurring even though I am doing the break in as I have seen described here: 200 hours of warm up, basically limit all static images, never freeze blu rays or such, keep contrast and brightness low(ive kept Contrast @ 50, Brightness @ 20) and I have played no video games as I was told that is not wise until the 200 hours is over.

Well...I am getting imaged that stay on screen anyway, even if the logo (or sports score ticker on ESPN) has been up only 15 minutes or so. What is more annoying is that if a menu or graphic is on one side of the screen(say a breaking news thing or a sports score in one area) I can see the bar going all the way across the screen. Its light, but it is there. For example, the game on tonight, the score box along the bottom extends and "ghosts" out on both sides well past where the graphic ends.

I have ATT Uverse(which blows , I know, will get Direct or Dish when contract up), but I'm worried there is something wrong with the TV as the only issues I have seen associated with ATT are the crappy pixelation on sports and such.

I just ordered the Disney WOW 2 Disc calibration blu-ray, but iI'm not sure it will help this.

Really worried as this is my first purchase in a long time and likely last for awhile. I have the 30 day warranty so I am wondering if I need to return. Everything else is amazing about the TV, just these issues seem really annoying.

I will put the picture settings and format I use below, but if you need more info, please just let me know what and I'll post asap.


Picture Settings:
Contrast: 50
Brightness: 20
Color: 53
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 35
Formats used, Full mainly(95% of the time) Just sometimes if needed. Zoom only to keep letterboxes off the screen as I heard they might be bad.
Panasonic Viera TC-P50U50
1080p 600hz
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I am relatively new to plasma my self. I recently purchased 2 of the same model at Costco. I read a lot of info before the purchase and from what I read I was nervous about leaving any image on the screen such as the score board of a game that stays in one place or the bar at the bottum of the screen during a news program, or even a logo on the bottum of the screen such as Syfi or TNT. I have decided to avoid all of this for the first 200 hours as well I am zooming any souce material that is 2.35:1 or anything that is not 16:9 to fit the screen. I have calibrated very little and sometimes, but not all the time I drop contrast to 50, but sometimes raise it back up to 100. So far no image retention like you mentioned on either TV.

But what I have noticed is a very subtle lightening of black levels which I can see on both TV's in a totally dark room. On the first 2 days the screen looked almost completely black with a totally dark image, by the third day the same image looked very very dark grey. This was very mild and the image still looked almost black. But by the 6th day the blacks had lost a little more inky look and the very dark grey(almost black had heightened to an even lighter grey. I've had these TV's for 10 days now and black went from almost completely black to very dark grey.

I read many threads about 2009 models loosing so much black through the first 300 hours that by that time some people were complaing that the blacks had washed out to about the same level as an off brand LCD tv when they are viewed at the sweet spot. I'm worried that the blacks on my two sets will loose their depth even further. Panasonic stated to Cnet that they addressed the black level issues with their 2011 and after models and they said there would be a slight drop in depth of blacks over the first 200 hours but it would be a very small amount then they would not lighten any further and then should even improve.

Months later Cnet released an article stating that the 2010 models were still continuing to loose black levels depth but not so severely and then the issue stops according to Cnet who ran test models of several panny plasma's for 2000 hours. they saw what they described as an unnacceptable drop in blacks but stated that the depth of blacks lost was less than any current model still being sold by retailers. They fared better than all Samsung models according to Cnet, and stated that Samsung models had less deep blacks from the start on new Samsung models, and once the blacks stopped decreasing on their Panny test models they said the blacks were still better than the Samsung models they reviewed.

You may want to check and see if your Panny is loosing it's ability to produce deep solid blacks by turning the lights off and freezing any totally black image on the screen such as the black between a fade-out and fade-in or after a trailer ends and before something else begins. If you see any sign of the image not being nearly totally black, keep an eye on that for a little longer and see if the blacks are less deep a week or two from now. I purchased from Costco because they have a 3 month return policy. Before that time I should discover if the blacks are going to continue to decrease. If they do I'm taking both TV's back and getting something else.

The ghosting issue you mentioned, if I have this right as comparing to your problem, is something common to plasma TV's such as very faint lines that go all the way across the screen shooting outward from an image in the middle of the screen. it should only show on rare occasion and vanish after the image changes to something else. it should not happen all the time, and if the image is remaining there that is not normal from all the research I have done.

As far as the image retention issue where ghosts of logos or what have you remain on the screen this is likely because of what you mentioned about what you kept on the screen for an extended period of time. Your panny has in the "setup" menu an 'Anti retention' program to get rid of what seems to be staying there on the screen. Instructions I've read say to run it for about 15 minutes. It's off-white bars mixed with black ones that move across the screen. This might get rid of that problem.

One other issue I am having with both TV's is that with HDTV or any TV signal, as the screen get's very bright whites on it where most of the image is white, the entire image dims like it's being sent through a filter, then get's brighter as a less white image is on the screen. Both TV's do this and only with TV signals, but not Blu-Ray, DVD, or Streaming through a DVR. I contacted Panasonic about my problems and they played dumb and pretty much ignored my questions and gave answers to problems that have nothing to do with my issues. I also asked them if my models were included in the panasonic list of newer panny plasma's that are presumed to be exempt from loosing blacks to a very unsatisfactory level and they ignored my question.

You may want to consider all of this and decide wether you should return your TV or not, just as I plan to if things get any worse. Please let me know if the image retention program works, if you notice loss of blacks, and if you notice dimming with lots of white with HDTV or TV signals. Please let me know if you have any other issues as well and I will do the same. I hope for both of us things get better. They could. I've heard some say that the black levels actually improve after the initial break-in as does other problems, so let's keep our fingers crossed. Of course maybe you gave up already and returned yours perhaps?

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