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Capostatus145's Avatar Capostatus145 08:54 AM 11-15-2012
I just bought my first Plasma, the Panasonic TC-P50ST50, and while I love the TV it generates and incredible amount of heat. I had heard that plasmas generate more heat than LEDs, but I had no idea how much. I live in a small NYC apartment about 12x12 and having this tv on is like having a heater. Especially now that the landlord has turned on the heat this tv is going to be an issue. I have read that the amount of watts a tv uses can kind of show how much heat a tv will generate but this might not always be the case.

The watts before and after calibration from cnet:
Panasonic 142.75 246.97
Samsung 102.75 245.68
Sony 84 with a backlight at 3 from http://www.televisioninfo.com/content/Sony-Bravia-KDL-55HX850-3D-LED-HDTV-Review/Power-Consumption.htm

I don't want this thread to turn into a physics discussion and would rather get first hand experiences from people who have seen or own these tvs. So can anyone who has either the Samsung or the Sony tell me how much heat they generate after running for a few hours or the whole day? I still have about 3 weeks to return it. Thanks for your help.

jjeff's Avatar jjeff 09:15 AM 11-15-2012
Watts are watts, that is if a device uses 200 watts it will produce twice as much heat as another device that takes 100 watts. What I don't remember about Plasma TVs is if the wattage varies from the screen brightness. LCD(never had a LED TV) varies greatly with different screen settings and overall scene brightness. My LCD can take more than twice as much power if the scene is white verses black, contrast or backlight settings also greatly change wattage use. That said when I first got a larger HDTV I tried a Panasonic plasma. The TV was in a 12x18" room with just adequate cooling. After several hours of use the room went over 80 degrees and was just unbearable. I returned the Plasma and got a Sony LCD(actually 4" larger) and while it did raise the room temperature a few degrees it was nothing like the Panasonic Plasma.
Maybe if you had a large room or an excess of cooling or even if your TV was in the basement a plasma would be fine but not in my case and it sounds like you may be in the same boat.
If plasma TVs took a constant wattage regardless of scene brightness that might help explain why they generate more heat than a LCD, even though my TV may take 250 watts at times most of the time it's ~100 watts which doesn't seem to heat up the room too much.
Capostatus145's Avatar Capostatus145 11:25 AM 11-15-2012
Thanks for the reply. It's an amazing tv and the picture quality is the best I have ever seen but for my current living situation I don't think it's going to work out. I'm probably going to get the Sony LED
raskyred's Avatar raskyred 08:07 PM 11-29-2012
Originally Posted by Capostatus145 View Post

Thanks for the reply. It's an amazing tv and the picture quality is the best I have ever seen but for my current living situation I don't think it's going to work out. I'm probably going to get the Sony LED

Hey Capt,
Did you get the HX850? I'm still torn between the ST50 and the same Panasonic. My main points of contention are cheaper price for the Panasonic, but the burn-in etc. I watch a lot of TV, channels with logos.
Capostatus145's Avatar Capostatus145 10:04 AM 11-30-2012
I actually was able to get my old samsung lcd to work by replacing two capacitors. I'm hoping that will last long enough for the new samsungs to come out next year or the HX850 to drop in price. As far as my experience with image retention, I really didn't notice any. Granted I wasn't putting on solid colored screens to check every few hours. For the first maybe 20 hours or so I would just watch a full screen blu ray like planet earth. I did play some video games for about an hour but didnt really notice any IR either. For the most part every HD channel I watched had a logo and I didnt really notice anything from them. This was my first plasma and maybe I just wasnt noticing it but in the 3 weeks or so I had the tv I really didnt experience any IR. Maybe I just had a good model or something because there are a lot of forums with people complaining about IR. My best advice would be to get the tv from a place like amazon that offers a 30 day return policy and try it out for yourself.
raskyred's Avatar raskyred 11:45 AM 11-30-2012
Cool, thanks for your feedback! I'm leaning towards the Panasonic. I don't see the HX850 going down seeing as it went UP $200 from last week to this week. Paul's TV has the ST50 for 1200, and I was planning on hiring them to wall mount it for me so that's probably the route I'll go.
videobruce's Avatar videobruce 04:54 AM 12-04-2012
This should be moved to either the Plasma sub-forum or the Flat Panel technology sub-forum.

1. Plasmas are space heaters, more so than CCFL back-lit LCD panels, Samsung are more so than Panasonic overall, but there are exceptions,
2. It's a LCD LED back-lite TV, not a "LED" TV, which for consumers, there is no such thing,
3. Like CRTs setting of the backlight or in your case the brightness of the panel does affect current consumption, hence the difference in current consumption of these reviews/tests,
4. The advantages of LCD's that are LED edge lit is a thin bezel and panel, cheaper to produce and lower power consumption. The downside is poor brightness uniformity across the screen (flashlighting). Full array LED backlighted LCDs pretty much solve the uniformity issue, but power consumption goes up approaching plasma levels. They are more expensive also.

Samsung had most of that solved with their non CCFL driven DLP's but dropped them in 2009. mad.gif
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