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marklight72 11-18-2012 10:01 AM

Black friday is quickly approaching and I'm in the market to get my first big HDTV.
Price, while not a huge issue for me is an important factor.

I've done a bit of research and I'm really down to the ST50 55'' model which seems to get a lot of praise or the U50 60'' which I didn't look at much initially but I've been scanning black friday adds and Amazon is supposed to have a bargain on the model 11/19/2012.
Currently as of this post the ST50 is ~1200.00 and the U50 is ~800.00 on Amazon. I haven't seen any adds listing discounts for the ST50... is it safe to assume that it probably wont be discounted come Black Friday?

The U50 is 5 inches larger, cheaper, but obviously lacks features of the ST50 and most likely can't match the ST50 in picture quality.

However, I'm wondering if for what I'm looking for there'll really be an appreciable difference.

I can't seem to find both of these models in store to compare so a few words of encouragement and wisdom to help me along would be appreciated.

Just a real quick rundown of some things circling in my brain:

* I don't need to have 3D as I don't have much 3D media, but I keep thinking it might be fun to have.
* the panasonic apps are not all that important as I have an apple TV and I'm most likely going to be adding either a PC or other media center device to my TV (I'm a huge Plex - www.plexapp.com - user).

Also I'm going to purchase a soundbar - Probably the sony HT CT150 - so sound isn't a big consideration.

Thanks for any advice !

ramoer 11-18-2012 12:09 PM

I'm in a similar position as you. Considering buying a 50U50 from costco, or the 50ST50 online. I think you should go look at both TV's in person. The ST50 looks like a nicer tv than the U50 series aesthetically. I found this really good website to compare the 2.


Dierkdr 11-18-2012 05:19 PM

If you watch in a bright room (day time), in a room with lights turned on, and/or in a position where Reflections off the screen might be an issue, then you will be better served with the ST50.

OTOH, if your set will be located in your basement - and you don't mind viewing with minimal room lighting - the U50 may represent a fine bargain....

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