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xoham's Avatar xoham 02:06 PM 11-23-2012
I'm sold on Plasma for the better picture. I'm sold on the CNET review of Samsung's E6500 being more resistant to image retention. However, 50" is too big for my apartment.

Is there an earlier Samsung model with similar IR performance that comes in 42-46"?

I have no need for 3D and expect to use it for cable tv and rarely PC games. I like Netflix, Youtube and similar application support.

Thanks for your advice.
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Straybeat's Avatar Straybeat 09:00 PM 11-26-2012
Not too many companies make small plasmas anymore and the reasons are many. Too expensive to make, not many people want them to justify the cost, etc. I think Walmart carried a couple models, but after this weekends' sales, they're probably all gone?

If you're sitting 6 feet or farther away, a 50 inch should be fine? We started with a 50 years ago at 12 feet because that was recommended at the time. Now we have a 60 and wish we had an 80. eek.gif

Do you have any nearby stores where you could determine your living room distance and get an idea? And check out Walmart to see if they still have any 42 inchers by chance? Good luck!
Ph8te's Avatar Ph8te 01:19 PM 11-27-2012
You probably wont get simillar performance as most smaller Tvs are from the lower lines....Samsung has a few 43" Plasmas they sell....
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