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Originally Posted by RandyWalters View Post

Hah and not only that, earlier today dacdd sent me a PM calling me a "FAG" and said "your gay" rolleyes.gif

lol, sounds like someone who's about 19 years old....sheesh, people say that and think it's a true "insult" these days???
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Originally Posted by RandyWalters View Post

Hah and not only that, earlier today dacdd sent me a PM calling me a "FAG" and said "your gay" rolleyes.gif
You're* ha. The least he can do is get the right spelling.
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I wasn't hoping to start a war, but I can understand people's passion.

I stopped into a Magnolia today where they had the Samsung and Panny one above the other. An HD football game wasn't really close: the Samsung was much sharper and I strongly preferred its picture. Even during commercials I felt that the Samsung had the superior image. I asked the salesperson to check out the setting for both and to get them as fair as possible. I watched the various options as they went by and oddly enough there wasn't a point where I thought that the Panny had an edge. It primarily stayed in one of the THX modes but always appeared a little too soft.

Until we loaded a BluRay. With Ironman it was reminiscent of, though not equalling, my Pioneer 6070, though it didn't touch the Kuro 141. Unfortunately, the Samsung didn't have a BluRay connected so I couldn't compare that source directly.

But I'd seen enough. Neither TV quite did it for me. They looked very good, but not enough to swap out my 6070.

Considering the reviews and feedback I've read, I was surprised by the Samsung. Actually, no, I was surprised by the Panny. It's possible that there was a technical issue or that it was much more in need of calibration than the Samsung, but I won't know for sure. This store appeared to be using a Comcast feed, same as what I use, so that wasn't the problem. And if it was, the Samsung should have suffered equally.

At this point, I may wait until Panny releases their next models. Some here have said that they've claimed big things for 2013. I hope so. I'm a Panasonic fan, but if I had to buy today it would be the Samsung. Or something else entirely.
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Originally Posted by dacdd View Post

That's what I'm saying, it is sharper, there's no type of meter that will prove that though.

I know in 2011, after briefly owning a 64D8000, it was very slightly sharper than the 65ST30 I have. I suppose that is possible in 2012, however, the 2012 Panasonics are still better all of the way around. You have to look at the "big picture" (no pun intended).
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Originally Posted by RandyWalters View Post

HD cable is usually poor quality and in some towns/cities it does look downright terrible. It looks terrible on my friend's PND7000, but i know it's not the TV (which looks very good otherwise), it's his crappy cable source (TWC in West Los Angeles). My SIL lives in the same area and it looks pretty much equally terrible on her Panasonic S2. My particular TWC provider actually has much better-than-average picture quality and the local broadcast channels are only slightly worse than OTA, and my GT50 handles it just fine.
Dominates? That can't possibly be true. There must have been something wrong with your sources, or with the TV, or with your settings then because HD on my GT50 does not look "super soft" or "hardly HD". It's crisp and clear and pops much better than my bud's D7000, mostly because the GT50 is brighter and has a superior black level and contrast ratio. It's obviously HD and it looks great. There has to be a reason why the Panasonic beat the Samsung in the big VE HDTV Shootout - that wouldn't have happened if the Samsung were truly dominant as you claim.
Dude, nobody is going to flame you for your opinion as your opinion is shared by many people here - especially the Samsung owners, but when you start proclaiming that "the Samsung outperforms the Panasonic easily across sources" and saying it's a FACT then people are going to call you out on it. And your comment about "Panasonic lovers" has an adversarial tone to it.
And to other people the Panasonic looks just as sharp and clear as the Samsung - especially on 1080i and 1080p content. You don't share their opinion, and they don't share your opinion. Whats' the big deal? I don't think anyone will argue that the Samsung handles poorer sources better than the Panasonic does. But you can't say the Samsung handles every source better than the Panasonic because that's just not true - especially considering that sharpness is only one of many aspects of overall picture quality.
But what is a winner for YOUR purposes is not necessarily a winner for other people's purposes. The OP is looking for something comparable to his 9G Kuro, and the Panasonics fit that bill way moreso than the Samsungs do.
The black level (and contrast ratio) difference between the 2012 Samsungs and 2012 Panasonics is profound when comparing them side by side and these are two very important attributes when determining picture quality. I can't understand why you'd minimize this yet focus on overall sharpness and proclaim the Samsung dominant.
Well if you're talking just about this then yes i would say that plenty of Panasonic owners/lovers would probably agree with you when it comes to anything less than 1080p Blu-Ray content. HD programming (especially on the 720p channels) and even regular DVDs do look crisper and sharper on the Samsungs this year and i actually prefer a sharper/crisper image, but to me (and many other people here including some Samsung owners) that extra sharpness/crispness looks overly sharpened and somewhat un-natural, further hindered by excessive edge enhancement (which i believe is undefeatable on the Sammy). My GT50 does look relatively softer on low quality content and on some 720p content but on 1080i HD programming it looks plenty sharp and is very natural looking.

Randy - well said. That's fine that the guy likes Samsung plasmas and they do have some strengths. But talking like all of this is scientific fact is what made this guys post suspect.

As for the best flat panel: don't the sharp elites take that award? Maybe the Sony XBR950?

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^That would be the VT50.
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Originally Posted by s2mikey View Post

As for the best flat panel: don't the sharp elites take that award? Maybe the Sony XBR950?

That's obviously subjective, but most people (who give them a chance) prefer good plasmas to even the most stupidly-expensive LCDs. If you look at pro reviews, then you will see that the best plasmas are typically rated higher for image quality than the best LCDs. For example, CNET rates the VT50 as the best available television with a perfect score in image quality, while they award the HX950 only 8/10 for image quality. And if you look at the 2012 HDTV Shootout results, then you will see that the VT50 was rated much higher by both the experts and the audience than any of the three LCDs tested, including the Sharp Elite. In fact, the experts even rated a crappy LG plasma higher than the Sharp Elite -- and those are garbage compared to the VT50.

So although it is subjective, I think most of us here would say that the VT50 currently wears the crown.
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