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Originally Posted by Mr. Hatcher View Post

That's how it should be...definitely before the quarter is over.

I'd settle for them giving an honest timeline for release, and actually sticking to it. I like that CES entices us with futuristic products that are not ready for prime time. I think that is part of the purpose for the show. It is actually meant for industry folks to learn about what is coming.

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I'm late to the party. I'm looking for a new tv. I've kinda settled on the TC-P65VT50. But I'm worried about whether or not burn-ins are still an issue with plasmas since it'll be used mostly for gaming. But now I'm wondering if I should wait for a VT60 or ZT60 model instead?
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I would not worry about burn in unless you really abuse the heck out the the set leaving static images for prolonged use. There will be image retention early on mainly the first 500-1000 hours of the TV. Some people don't event notice image retention at all. I have a ST50 and a GT50 early on i did notice image retention early on but would fade away with varied content. After 1000+ hours on the ST50 no more image retention whatsoever even if i tried hard. If your budget is good, i would wait and get the ZT60 over the VT50.
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I'm going to contradict the poster above me. The 2012 Panasonics are prone to long-duration IR, even after 1000+ hours of run time. It's worse than other plasmas I've seen: The 2011 Panasonics, my old 5080, the 60"+ 2012 Samsungs (for some reason the 51" 2012 Samsungs actually had the same issue). We've got posts from people with over 2000 hours on their 2012 sets reporting the same IR performance as day one, and mine now has over 600 hours with no change in IR performance at all. It does wipe off eventually, at least everything I've had stick so far does, but we're talking about 12+ hours to remove 3-4 hours worth of static exposure. If you're using this display mostly for gaming it's not going to be a great choice because you'll end up worrying about IR constantly.

For regular TV usage it's probably perfectly fine. In fact I think my GT50 is going to take over normal TV duty from the 5080 when I find a suitable replacement gaming TV (hopefully the VT or ZT this year).

IR aside, another gaming-related point that would steer you towards the VT/ZT60: In the 2012 models the low-latency "Game Mode" is a picture preset that enables dynamic contrast you cannot shut off. It crushes blacks and messes with your overall contrast. The 2013 models have made Game Mode an option you can enable to lower the latency of any picture mode, which is a huge improvement if you're looking for the best picture quality and want good latency.

Honestly, I see no reason to get a VT50 at this point. Most of the really good deals have dried up (unless you find a good price at a local store) and the VT60 is already out. By summer it should have dropped in price at major retailers by a decent amount if we go by the price graphs of previous years. There's no concrete word on IR performance, but as more people get the sets these types of issues will be exposed pretty quickly if they exist. In general burn-in or long-duration IR should not be a concern for plasmas anymore (they're rated for 100,000 hours, so actual burn in would take an amazing amount of time in theory), but Panasonic definitely messed something up with the 2012 models specifically.
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What is "latency"?
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From Consumer Reports:

The bad news for plasma fans is Panasonic confirmed that it will no longer develop new plasma panels at its R&D labs, as those resources will now be committed to OLED TV development. So the ZT60s may be the best plasma TVs you'll ever be able to buy, at least from Panasonic. That does not mean, however, that Panasonic is pulling the plug on its plasma TV busness—it will continue selling plasma TVs for the foreseeable future. [Note: Following several reports about the company's plasma R&D facilities closing, Panasonic issued this statement: "While the Smart VIERA ZT Series introduces a new level of plasma picture quality, we believe there is still room for further improvement and intend to continue to research ways to take our plasma technology to even higher levels where it also has the potential to be applied in our other Plasma series in the future."-Ed.]

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