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dzt41j's Avatar dzt41j 05:35 PM 01-07-2013
I can't get ARC to work between my e7000 and my Onkyo 608 receiver. I d (supposedly) have an hdmi cable that supports it. I am using the HDMI 2 port.
Any ideas? It would be a pain but I could try a differnt cable I suppose.

whipit's Avatar whipit 06:29 PM 01-07-2013
Try selecting the tv/cd input on the receiver. Also you need to turn on hdmi control on both units.
dzt41j's Avatar dzt41j 08:56 PM 01-07-2013
I do have the receiver on TV/cd. How do I turn the tv on into hdmi control? I do have the hdmi/cec enabled. There is a spot for 'receiver control' but it is greyed out.
dzt41j's Avatar dzt41j 09:11 PM 01-07-2013
Fixed it, thanks!
It was a combination of first not having the tv/cd inout assigned to an hdmi input, after I did that I was able to set it up to hdmi control!

Thanks, now I will look into the optical cable though so I can get more than 2 channel stereo out.
Otto Pylot's Avatar Otto Pylot 09:40 PM 01-07-2013
Originally Posted by dzt41j View Post

Fixed it, thanks!

Thanks, now I will look into the optical cable though so I can get more than 2 channel stereo out.

If the optical out is from the tv to your AVR, the best you will get is 5.1, IF, the source is the internal ATSC tuner or one of the tv's built-in apps (if you have a smart tv with apps that can do 5.1). Otherwise, most tv's do not allow 5.1 output via optical from an external source. ARC will allow 5.1 between the tv and receiver but not lossless audio (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-MA, etc), so there's a compromise.
BIslander's Avatar BIslander 08:44 AM 01-08-2013
ARC and the S/PDIF output from your TV will send the exact same audio. ARC saves a cable. That's the only difference.

Most TVs will not send encoded multichannel audio from external devices over either interface. They are limited to stereo except for audio aquired by the TV itself - from the set's internal ATSC tuner or from Smart TV apps. If you want discrete 5.1, you need to run audio directly to the receiver instead of routing it through the TV.
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