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jason978's Avatar jason978 12:04 PM 01-12-2013
hey gang,

it appears i have a problem with my new st50 55" and 24P.

when i set my pansonic blu-ray player to output 24P I get flashes and color flashes. happens between 5 and 30 times per movie, bluray only, audio is unaffected. flashes last maybe a second. raiders of the lost ark had a lot. the dark knight rises had only a few. I tried a different cable, no help. I tried running direct to the tv instead through my avr, no help. when I turn off 24P all is well.

any ideas?
do I even need 24P?
Is it worth the trouble of exchanging the tv?

thanks for the input.

BillP's Avatar BillP 12:52 PM 01-12-2013
I would exchange it for another.
jason978's Avatar jason978 11:54 PM 01-13-2013
I borrowed a friends blu-ray player, same thing, must be the TV.
pokekevin's Avatar pokekevin 12:00 AM 01-14-2013
I would exchange the TV. Who knows, the problem could get worse and start showing up on 60hz mode in the future.
jason978's Avatar jason978 10:52 AM 01-15-2013
I'll likely return it just on principal, its brand new it should work right. plus, if thats broken maybe something else is too and I don't know it yet.
dropzone7's Avatar dropzone7 12:55 PM 01-16-2013
I know you said you tried a different cable but was it the same brand, make, specification as your current cable? I would make sure you are using a good "high speed" HDMI cable. When I say "good" I don't necessarily mean expensive. Monoprice cables are reasonably priced and I have used many of their high speed HDMI cables with good success. The interference in the image you show looks like a symptom of a bad or incapable cable. I'm just guessing here and it's a cheap fix if that's the case.
jason978's Avatar jason978 05:37 PM 01-16-2013
I thought of that too. I ordered a new cable from monoprice. Didn't help any.
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