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StoneyPA's Avatar StoneyPA 02:41 PM 01-17-2013
Been sitting it out waiting for a good time to buy a replacement TV for our basement gaming area. Our 2006 Sony SXRD got green blobbed when the optical block went a few years ago, but was repaired at no charge. No doubt it'll happen again though, just don't know when. Might be time to take the unknown out of the equation.

Basement room has no windows and normally only use a 30W table lamp to play Xbox or watch TV, so sounds like a good spot for a dark-room favored Panasonic P50U50 or P50UT50. Can't be much more of a power hog than our SXRD also. Looks like the only real differences in the two are a dumb, non-3D vs smart, 3D?

We don't even use smart TV features on our main, family-room TV and have Bluray players on each that have those capabilities anyway and 3D IMO is just a headache-promoting gimmick at this point in the tech, so it comes down to PQ alone... is the UT50 worth the extra $100 or just pay the $599 for the U50?

BillP's Avatar BillP 03:29 PM 01-17-2013
The only difference between those 2 displays is 3D. PQ is the same, so if you think 3D is a gimmick, why pay extra for it?
StoneyPA's Avatar StoneyPA 03:52 PM 01-17-2013
Didn't see in my first comparison that the UT50 is just WiFi READY, so basically both dumb TVs to me since I won't buy an adapter or bridge for it.

The U50 shows a 600Hz Subfield drive and the UT50 has a 2500 focused field drive. Any noticeable difference?

If not, like BillP says paying $100 more for something I won't use (3D) makes it as easy decision.
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