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mustangman77's Avatar mustangman77 09:53 PM 01-26-2013
I recently read a post here where a member said his 65GT50 did not fit with a Sanus VMPL50A-B1 wall mount.
I noticed on their site that even though the BOX in the store says it fits most TVs up to 70", that on their site that that model did NOT have
the VMPL50A-B1 as a compatible mount for the 65GT50. My guess is the guy who bought the 65" did not look up the compatibility on the web site.

But here is where it gets REALLY weird the item from the store has it as a Sanus VMPL50A-B1, however.......
on their site there is NO SUCH mount model! Not even listed in the discontinued models. The model closest reads as
the Sanus VMPL50A.

Now...if you look up a 60"GT50 (TC-P60GT50) like MINE, or well below... guess what?
They have the VMPL50A listed as compatible.
As I said before.. my guess is the person that posted about his 65" did not go to the website to check compatability.
Here is his short thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1453420/65gt50-wall-mount

But I have NO CLUE why they do not have the VMPL50A-B1 listed as a model at ALL in their lineup or former lineup.

What's more...I live in a small town, and guess what model/brand I could ONLY find at the store?
Yup. You guessed it. The Sanus VMPL50A-B1 (again the B1 is the one that does not exist on their website)

So... question is... Is the Sanus VMPL50A the SAME mount as the Sanus VMPL50A-B1?
We are having someone come install our television on Wed. so I am desperately trying to find out if I have the right mount to fit the
TV. If I have to order a different model... I am going to have to have it next day delivered, or have to wait TWO WEEKS before the install guy can
come back.

Do any of you GT50 owners mid 30" to 55" own this model of Sanus so I can confirm it will work?
Or can someone confirm that the two Sanus' here ARE actually the SAME mount?

Thanks so much for reading and for the help!

mustangman77's Avatar mustangman77 10:11 AM 01-27-2013
Ack! No help on this? I did call Sanus and they told me my 60" WAS compatible and that indeed the 65 was not. He could not tell me why even thought the box said good for most up to 70" even though our models are the same just the size difference.
My guess is that the distance to the bracket holes are wider or some other small thing just just made the 65 in this model not compatible even though the 60 is.
He told me the -B1 at the end just means black coloring. Wanted to add that for anyone seeing this and being confused as to why they did not list the B1 as a model number on their website. They do not distinguish between the colors if they also offer then in other colors.

Still... I would like to see a direct confirmation from a 60GT owner here that this model in fact DOES fit. It would make me feel much more secure and until I do I'm going to go back to our limited two stores here to see if they have any other brands/models that are listed as compatible with this TV.
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