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ed3120's Avatar ed3120 01:17 PM 02-07-2013
I had a D7000, which I was happy with. It didn't buzz and had no IR whatsoever. It broke due to an accident.

I replaced it with an E7000. It buzzed and I could hear it from 15 feet away. I exchanged it and got another that buzzes the same. The Samsung tech came out and said it was normal.

Is this true? Do they all buzz, or should I keep exchanging until I hopefully get a quiet one? I don't know how many that will take or if quiet ones even exist.

boondongle's Avatar boondongle 09:38 PM 02-07-2013
I've never heard a completely silent plasma. However I've never noticed buzzing on a plasma while there was any audio coming from it.

I've never heard a completely silent fridge either, but that's a different issue.

Yes. All Plasmas buzz. I think it comes down to setup, environment and sensitivity as to how much you hear it.

But I'm no expert.
ellisda1's Avatar ellisda1 07:02 AM 02-08-2013
No. I've had 4 different E8000 panels. Other than the normal electric panel "hum" (barely audible in a silent room) NONE has been a buzzer. FWIW all my non-buzzers have been wall mounted.
ed3120's Avatar ed3120 09:51 AM 02-08-2013
I hope you're right. Mine came with a dead pixel, so Samsung is going to be changing out the panel. I wonder if the new panel installation will fix the buzz. I sure hope so.

The Samsung tech told me the buzz is normal and I should expect the new panel to sound the same.
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