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Really odd...
I only notice it while on news shows so far.
My guess is the moving of the picture in movies may make it un noticeable.

Here are some pics
First one is on his nose

The others are on his forehead...

What is this?
I already had to return my first set due to a bad panel.
I cannot notice this on any other programs so far but I haven't watched any other slow moving skin tone shows like the news due to trying to avoid screen IR from logos etc.

Here is something a bit different on a different news show...
The shade is not dark but light instead.. a light bar going across the forhead.

Can anyone help me with this and what it is?
I notice if I turn up the contrast it seems to show less.... but I just got the tv so I am running the contrast low to break it in
without slides. Is this a defect and do I need to return this tv as well?

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I did some research. Found out this is called horizontal line bleed.
I took some pics using a green screen as ppl said this was the best way to test the proplem.
I see it no question.

I read almost all plasma's have them. Is this true?
Is this a large amount for line bleed?
Does this mean I need to have this thing replaced again?
Here are the pics

This green screen is by far the WORST when it comes to seeing the bleeding.
In all reality I can barely see it on those shows but it does bug me some.
When I turn up the contrast it is almost gone.

Would I be best to NOT return this and just get used to the small amount since virtually all plasmas have some line bleed (correct me if I am wrong on that.)?

Or does the green screen amount show that I need to return it even if I do not see it just a whole bunch?
Does this seem to be a large amount on the green screen?
If so why do I not see but a small amount on the tv and only on news shows it seems (again even less with the contrast up)?

If the green screen DOES indicate a abnormal, large amount please tell me and I will have no problems with returning it lol.

P.S. cranked up the XBOX 360 AND the PS3. Noticed none on either console menus.

If some of you could test this yourselves on the green screen and post pics for comparison I would appreciate it GREATLY.... SO MUCH!

Oh one more thing...
Why does the green screen show the bleeding in THICK bars, and the normal viewing tv show it in
a few THIN bars? About a quarter of the green screen size?
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