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Arturo Zise's Avatar Arturo Zise 03:31 AM 03-01-2013
I have a Samsung 50" C7000 Plasma which I bought 2 years ago on clearance to replace my 37" Panasonic LCD I had in the bedroom. I use it for everything ranging from Blu-ray, Xbox 360 and regular SD/HD TV. It has some obvious problems like buzzing, IR and running very hot but I'm happy to put up with those because of the great picture quality it gives.

Now here is my problem - My TV looks twice as good when watching during the day then watching at night.

Even with the curtains closed and keeping direct sunlight off the TV, the ambient sunlight glowing around the curtains still gives good light into the room. This is making my TV look stunning. Colors pop, black levels are ink like and the overall picture is amazing.
As soon as it's night time and I have a completely dark room, my picture gets worse. Using the same settings (Movie/Cinema mode) my colors still look ok, but my blacks turn to an LCD style grey. I have tried watching with my bedside lamp on, which helps a little but it's still nowhere near the daylight picture.

Am I right in thinking the Louvre filter and AR coating is making the picture look "better" with daylight? Is there a way I can emulate daylight with some special lighting? A friend mentioned buying something without an AR filter like a Panasonic UT50 or Samsung E550 but I'm very happy with my current set.

Any help would be appreciated smile.gif

Alan P's Avatar Alan P 11:45 AM 03-01-2013
Arturo Zise's Avatar Arturo Zise 07:23 PM 03-01-2013
So even though the light isn't shining directly on the screen, I will get the same effect? I thought the light had to be at the screen for the filters to do their work.
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