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03-03-2013 | Posts: 1,818
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I know that the upper end Panasonic plasmas are getting great reviews but I need something soon and this Costco deal is attractive. Folks
have been dissing this model due to reflections but will it be any worse than an 8 year old Panasonic? There will be some indirect light in the
room. This set is for TV use not critical viewing. The next model up runs around a grand and doesn't have Costco standing behind the warranty.

Should I jump on this or would it be a mistake? Any other contenders out there for this price range?

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I've got a PZ800U and picked up the 55UT50 for, mainly, the additon of 3D. This set will most likley be a replacement for a Pio Elite Pro630HD RPTV. Even though my wife wants me to get rid of one of the set, I'm trying to figure out where to hide the 630 because I love the picture.

I've been impressed with the feature for $$ on the UT50 set, but I don't think it's a great replacement. One missing feature on this low-end set is that it doesn't retain the power settings, and I haven't configured the harmony remotes because the TV will be moving to a new location soon.

The UT50 set feels about 100 lbs lighter than the 58PZ800U.
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Jump on it man. The UT50 is one of the highest rated Tvs and best bang for the bucks
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Dude, get it. I just bought it from Costco after surfing the forums for weeks and I'm very happy. The reflections were my main worry, but as long as you have lighting outside the angle path of the screen, you're good. I have two ikea lamps behind the TV so that I dont have to sit in complete darkness and the overhead light as well as couch light is off. This TV is just boss.
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03-04-2013 | Posts: 1,818
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Has anyone else replaced an older plasma and can comment on quality of picture differences? We are moving next month so I will buy now, ship to new location, and not
get a chance to see the picture until the end of April.
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I'm also looking at this TV. But I don't always watch HD and watching SD will have the black bands on the sides. Will it burn into the screen if I watch too much SD contents? I like the picture and the price is right. Sale at Costco doesn't last too much longer.
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Couldn't resist after I saw the Costco 90 day return policy. If it doesn't work in my space I'll look for a better fit.
Amzing when I think that my last 50" plasma cost me over 4k....
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I replaced my 10-year old 42" Panasonic plasma initially with a 55UT50. It's our main TV in our family room, and it had mirror-like glare during the day. Even my wife noticed. It was never an issue with the older set, but the 55UT50 was much worse.

We ended up returning the 55UT50 after I found an open box 55ST50 for $899 from a local Best Buy.
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