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i have an 8th gen Kuro that has done me well for 6 years now. when i heard that panasonic was not going to make plasmas anymore it made me sad. i just can't stand LCD/LED. i went looking at a ZT but couldn't buy one because the silver bezel was too distracting... like a white halo around the picture.

this was a few months ago. then last week i heard samsung was stopping making plasmas as well. so i figured i had to get a new TV. i couldn't deal with the ZTs silver bezel (or so i thought), so i picked up an F8500 last week.

well, the picture quality was gorgeous, and the f8500 bezel fades away in the dark... it was so bright (too bright for my tastes) and the level of detail was outstanding... but there was just something odd about how it processed video-- even with all motion enhancement/judder crap turned off. like it was adding frames or something, that made all video seem really unnatural looking when people moved around on screen. not to mention it buzzed like crazy (which i could live with, since my kuro buzzed too). it's a great TV, but there was just something off about the motion processing it that just didn't sit right.

i couldn't deal with with it, so i said F it and exchanged it for a ZT instead... i got the last one this large national chain had in stock, amazingly enough!

well, the ZT bezel totally fades away in the dark and is a total non-issue! no buzzing... this ZT is like a kuro on steroids! honestly, this thing is 99% perfect. couldn't be happier. used CNETs calibration settings and have just been so satisfied all night watching... the black is so dark it fades into the wall... just unbelievable.

so happy i made the switch, 110% satisfied!
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Originally Posted by antennahead View Post
I assumed based on your avatar that you might be sympathetic to my Velocity channel dilemma
You mentioned being gentle for the first 200 hours then only in the last month or two usuing it normally. I was very careful as well, then went to normal use, and between approximately 200 to 1200 hours had no issues. It was after I reached that many hours that the IR showed up. I had heard of this from other members, but honestly shrugged it off as an anomaly. It just didn't fit conventional thinking that it would be fine past break-in for that many hours THEN develop an IR issue.......... WRONG I can say that after the Velocity incident, by avoiding prolonged daily viewing of the channels with solid logos, I have avoided any other IR incidents. I also run the screen wipe about once a week for good measure, as well as the pixel flipper. My image retained "V" has faded so much now that you have to really look hard for it on a solid light colored background to see it. I'm hoping over time as the phosphors continue to age that the set becomes less and less prone to IR. It is still the best picture available IMO.
Originally Posted by antennahead View Post
This is why I refuse to watch anymore Velocity channel on this TV. I have the "V" IR almost gone, just barely visible if you know it's there and where to look. I'm scared if I go back to that channel for any length of time I'll bring back the IR quickly
I completely agree about the seemingly randomness of IR manifesting.
A year prior to purchasing the 65ZT, I purchased a 60GT50.

Much like the ZT, I followed the CW vis a vis break in and the entire duration of it being in my HT with no IR.
Back then, the amount of hours the bloody thing was on is silly. Prolly 18 hours a day with no concerns of station logos. The ticker on ESPN? Hells no, but beyond that fairly open usage.

In February, I finally got around to connecting the now MBR GT50 to my wireless network. Due to the silly length of said password, it did take a hot minute to connect, but still under 5 mins.

Regardless, after connecting I saw IR for the first time ever on either display. With WEP-AESII passwords being silly long, all those letters and numbers were visible. Thankfully, it has since dissipated and have not experienced any further instances of IR.

With the GT, I have the Best Buy PSP as it is one of the only that covers IR/Burn In. Especially prior to the cancellation, I played much Dorko 4 and other games again to no ill effect.
Unfortunately, between knowing that the ZT would be irreplaceable and BB wanting something like 4 times what I paid for the GT's PSP (I think it is 4yrs past MW) whilst only covering 3 years.
Needless to say I passed on the PSP this time.

I bring some of this up as I had kicked around the idea of placing the GT in the HT due to it being covered for IR, but then I kicked my own self in the arse.

Simply, I had become so hyper vigilant to the spectre of burn in that I really was not enjoying using it and worse the people I that both love and care enough to have in my home were afraid to change a bloody channel!

Since then, while still somewhat cautious, no longer will I view a stupid TV in almost total fear.
Not watching Velocity on this TV is a crime. It is some exceptional looking car porn!
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