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So $1999 for a 60 and $2999 for a the 4 inches really worth $1k?

Also...I'm going to drive 1.5 or 2 hours to pick up 1 of these bad there anybody on this thread that got a tv without the buzzing or that didn't have to return it?
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Judder seems high

Hi there! Long time lurker/first time poster here. Been referencing AVS Forum since I purchased my Samsung HLS 5087 back in '06. Eliab provided some useful settings back then via this forum that I'm still using today. Lots of great info on this forum.

I purchased a pn51f8500 just last week and have been fiddling with it ever since in an effort to minimize judder. No luck. As of last night I feel like I've tried everything. Long story short, judder on my f8500 is no better (and with cinema smooth turned on even worse) than it is on my 8 year old HLS DLP. Frankly, I'm surprised and disappointed.

I've tried 2 different blu-ray players (Pioneer BDP-320, Panasonic DMP BDT 500) in hopes that one was somehow providing an inferior signal and causing judder. The players are connected directly to the TV (not going through a receiver). But performance is exactly the same regardless of which player i use, whether I'm watching on my old DLP or the F8500. The DLP automatically defers to 3:2 pulldown - setting 24hz in the Panasonic doesn't do anything for the DLP - to be expected. And the result is judder - again to be expected. But what wasn't expected is that setting 24hz on the Panasonic does nothing to remove judder on f8500. And when I turn Cinema Smooth on, judder is worse than when it's off. Huh?!

I'm at the point now where I'm considering returning the F8500. Sure the picture is sharper than the DLP. I went from a 7 out of 10 for the DLP to a 9 out of 10 with the F8500. It's a nice upgrade there. But that alone isn't enough for me to justify the purchase. Where is that smooth movie theater like panning experience I read about in the reviews? So far I'm not seeing it even in the slightest. Cinema Smooth does something, I can see the difference. But isn't not improving judder at all.

I'm not in front of my TV, or I'd provide those settings. I can provide them later. But I basically have copied recommended calibration settings I've read in the F8500 settings forum. Pretty much all post processing is off, except for when I flip flop between cinema smooth and off. Movie mode. 0 sharpness. 95 contrast. can't recall brightness, color, etc.

I'm looking for some help. Are my expectations too high? Did I get a bad TV? Are my settings off (hard to answer that one without me providing the settings, I know)? Very interested in your thoughts. It's much appreciated!

FYI, The test scene I've been using is in Life of Pi. Can't recall the exact time, but it's near the end when Pi is recounting his story to the two Japanese insurance guys in the hospital. He has begun telling the more believable human version of the story and is about to begin discussing the fight between his Mom and the Cook. The camera switches to the Japanese insurance guy on the right, then pans to the guy on the left as they make guilty faces. That panning introduces significant judder. So far the best test scene I've been able to find from my blu ray collection. My wife wants to burn the disc now, I've watched it so many times
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For those that have their sources running through a receiver, have you found that you have to set an audio delay to prevent lip sync issues? When watching netflix through my Apple TV which goes through my receiver to the tv, the lip sync seemed just slightly off. Thanks.
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