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Originally Posted by tom669 View Post

When you were working on it, did you use cushions on it laid down, or did you have it mounted on the stand? These newer panels can flex when on the stand (very thin) which can stress the panel if pushing on the back of it.

We just held it upright on cardboard on a table without a stand. Did slide it around a little I guess. Oh well, guess we're shopping for a new TV. Thanks again for the help.
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Originally Posted by kwokdog View Post

Voltage was 209 before adjustment. I just received a new power supply, x and y main boards. We shall see how that goes...

These did not fix the issue. Neither did Y buffer boards (upper and lower).

The main board is good because I can hear sound....

The panel is dead. I do think it is unrelated to the voltage and has more to do with crappy surge protection and extensive use.

Happy to see this TV go......
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That's a pain.All the best for your new tv...Reasons I'm hesitant too make adjustment is taking back off and the tv is on 24hrs a day often and worried about frying it,and mine has a bit of purple band/blotches and I've read the voltage adjustment does not always fix this.
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Pink Banding ...Need SW upgrade...

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Just adjusted my PN63C590. The toughest part was finding one screw hidden in the panel where all of the TV inputs are. Once I found that, the back came off easily and the adjustment was a snap. The pink band that has bothered me for six months seems to be gone!

Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread!
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I, too, did this Pink banding fix on my pn63c8000. Trying to get samsung to even acknowledge the problem was a no go, so if anyone from Samsung is listening, I am not planning on buying another Samsung in the future because of my terrible interaction with your support. This is clearly a recall worthy problem, and the fact that I couldnt' get my panel swapped out is completely unfair.

Now, you guys who made this tutorial/discovered this fix... thanks! It seemed to work! Be very careful when matching the screws back up when you put the TV back together. I am pretty sure you could "screw" it into the actual display if you don't pair up the screws correctly. Still, its been about a month at this point since I had the courage to do it, and I haven't noticed anymore banding at all. The only thing is that the image seems to have a bit extra softness to it, but I'll make that trade any day.
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I haven't read all posts, but for anyone who doesn't know yet there is a petition on to address Samsung and this problem:

"This is a widespread issue for early adopters of their plasma television sets, primarily the 2010 models.

It's unacceptable for a top of the line $2,500 television set to last for such a short period of time. No consumer would suggest that a $2,500 piece of electronics is expendable within two years."
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Well all I started this thread just over a year ago and much appreciate all the input. My condolences to everyone who has had to deal with the pink banding issue. After a year of reading all the posts I finally decided to stop waiting for Samsuck to issue a recall and decided to pull the TV off the wall and do the voltage adjustment which I was told by one of the two techs that came to my house to replace the panel initially that Samsuck said it wouldn't work. Found it at 210 and adjusted it to 213 dead nuts. Rehung the TV and found it to be 95% gone. Still have some flashes of pinkish purple mostly where it was most noticable in white and light backgrounds but mostly hockey games. Although it still bothers me that I see it at times which some day probably will make me pull it off the wall and bump the volts up a few tenths again and watch it longer infront of a mirror I'm happy to enjoy watching it again.
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Just to let everyone know, I added a warranty through my satellite tv provider and there service tech came from samsung to fix the purple banding on my 58 inch 3d plasma tv and all he brought was a USB stick with a special firmware specifically to fix the purple banding . He stuck it in and the tv rebooted and walla no more purple banding! So samsung does have a fix for the tv with the purple banding issue , you'll just need a tech that deals with samsung and has access to the firmware! While my tv was under warranty through ultimate electronics, they replaced my plasma panel 2 times and the 3 rd time I had them buy me out of my warranty.
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I performed the voltage adjustment on my Samsung plasma TV, and the pink banding problem mostly went away. However, when I went to check the voltage with my DMM, it sparked as if something shorted out. I'm certain that I had the positive probe on the Vs test point, and the common probe on chassis ground. I'm also certain I had my DMM set to Volts DC. Thankfully, the TV is still working, but I'm worried that I fried something in the process. There is a capacitor right next to the Vs test point that got a little charred looking on the outside. Has anyone else experienced any similar problems while trying to measure the Vs voltage?
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07-21-2014 | Posts: 49
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I plan to do this as well.

Unfortunately, I don't have a voltage meter.

Did anyone just eye this ? Do you turn the VS clockwise or counter (left) ?

And how much do you turn it ? One full turn ? a quarter ? less ? I'm going to
hope to the adjustment will be - like others have reported - from 209 or
210 to 213. How much of a turn distance is that ?
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07-26-2014 | Posts: 74
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I did it by eye, It's clock wise. That seems to have worked, but if someone has a picture with the test points for the Voltage, I would love to test it to make sure i didn't over do it
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07-29-2014 | Posts: 74
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Before I found this thread I made some changes in the Service menus on my PN58C8000.

Can someone take pics of the default settings for this Display. My 3D glasses don't seem to want to sync correctly (timing seems off)

I was hoping to reset the 3D setting to get it back to "stock."

Thanks in advance
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Finally completed. It proved to be as simple as others described.

By far the hardest part were the damn screws. Around two dozen. I couldn't get all of them off (lol) so I had to execute a few yoga moves to reach down over the panel rear and turn the VS a whole turn clockwise.

Thankfully the VS was less than a third of the way down. The screen was powered off from start to finish.

One important detail is that the VS screw is soft plastic and smaller than all the other screws. I used a micro-screw driver (philip's head) to make the adjustment.

Results ? Amazing - Over HDMI, using a newly built HTPC, I pulled up an all-white wallpaper and could not see a single pink striation. Wow.

Thanks to all for posting this incredible DIY solution.
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08-25-2014 | Posts: 102
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Thank Tom for posting these instructions..... I had just purchased a open box f8500.. wasnt completly happy with some of the issues with it like buzzing... then I saw a PN58C8000 on craigslist with pink banding... saw how easy the fix was and went and bought the tv... I fixed the tv in about 20 minutes.. Its almost as good as the f8500 which I quickly returned and saved 1,300.. Thanks!
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Does Samsungs warranty acknowledge the pink/magenta discoloring is a problem, and come and do the vs voltage adjustment?

Edit I FINALLY made the vs adjustment on an e450.I did not use multimeter.i used a hockey game until panning dirty screen was reduced quite a bit but not totally gone..I turned it from about 1 oclock too around 4 thirty.It was a flat testing contact point and very tight and did not want too slip.Need screwdriver that fits tight for taking back off.Easier too take back off and on than I thought.Was careful when doing it..Appreciate all the tips on this topic...Much improved contrast,colors.Looks cleaner.Not sure if slight horizontal bars are gone but seems reduced at first look.could not accept the red film on screen and tried every possible setting.The red film was there(but not as bad) when i bought tv.I turned contrast down about 7 notches too reduce stress as I think (not sure?)that has an effect on voltage and am making slight adjustments on white balance .Hopefully it doesn't Blow. Edit There is still horizontal line bleed.

Edit2 after adjustment I'm noticing some pink blobs randomly popping up in various programs and areas.Before tweak it had random small discolored green and pink waterfalls,clouds etc (not blobs ), but now small pink blobs. Edit Line bleed i think is worse.

I turned vs pot too 3 oclock and see how it goes. Can I turn ve pot for reducing blobs/discoloration/dirty screen without testing with a multimeter? If I do use multimeter do I touch black negative wire too the large metal backing as I'm not sure what screw I should use.

Edit Ive turned pot too 2 o'clock, and there's till pink discoloring in brightest areas.Turning pot clockwise reduces red film on high abl(full white screens),but it increases pink in brightest areas(clouds)when it's an average picture level/abl.
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Well here you go. For a mere $85, Samsung tech was just here and brought the firmware for pink banding on his usb drive. He forgot to create a folder as the service bulliten says so he had me do it while he was playing in the service menus. When he wasn't looking I copied the file. it is the 3d 58 inch firmware. I have a pn58c6500 and the 3d version does indeed work on my tv as stated in the service bulliten(although my tv isn't 3d). Sorry for all you guys with the 64 inchers. I only have the 58 inch 3d firmware. By the way, the firmware was enough, didn't need to adjust the voltage. Mine is 209.4v from the factory by yhe way.

This site wont let me attach a bin file so here is an external link to download it.
I believe you need a factory remote for the firmware update but here it is anyways.[3D58]LOGIC.bin

READ THIS: Make sure cross check the service bulletin for your model #. This is the [3D58]logic.bin version. Dont forget to create a folder on your usb drive and also rename the file according to the service bulliten.
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09-06-2014 | Posts: 18
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Thank you for the .bin file! I want to try the update, but I my service menu doesn't have the option "Logic USB D/L." Is the "Factory Menu" listed in the bulletin different from the service menu? If so, how do I access it? I accessed the service menu by pressing "Mute 1,8,2, Power" on my remote. Or does it need a firmware update to have the new menu? Thanks!
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09-08-2014 | Posts: 2
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Thank you so much for the logic file BigMiggen!! I've suffered through the pink banding issue for several years on my PN58C680. I was able to upgrade the logic software using your file and more pink banding!!

I'm a very happy camper :-)
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09-10-2014 | Posts: 18
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kh32267 - How did you upload the .bin file? I've been digging through the service menu, and I have no option for "PDP Options" or "Logic USB D/L." Is there another menu it's under? I have a 2010 PN58C8000.
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09-10-2014 | Posts: 112
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I have a 2010 PN58C8000 plasma and also could not find the pdp options in the sm.anyone care to help if you can Thanks .
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09-10-2014 | Posts: 2
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PSUSith.....the simplest way is to get your hands on a factory service remote (AA81-00243A) which will let you into the full factory menu where there is an option for PDP Options and Logic USB D/L.
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Originally Posted by kh36267 View Post
PSUSith.....the simplest way is to get your hands on a factory service remote (AA81-00243A) which will let you into the full factory menu where there is an option for PDP Options and Logic USB D/L.
Well this remote is only about 21 CAD plus shipping in Canada from Samsung Canada.
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This panel has already been replaced once, out of waranty at a installation cost of 180. to me and it only lasted 6 or 8 months I think I will call them and complain again tell them to fix this pos tv for free.
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I'm trying to locate the remote - sucks that I have to buy something to do it, but I'd rather try the S/W mod than turn up my voltage for a 2nd time (the tech's already came and did it once a year ago).

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if the codes to this remote are available on a harmony device?
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Has anyone tried the network factory remote on the C8000 model? It worked fine on the D7000/D8000 models.

There is a translation link at the top of the web page.

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09-15-2014 | Posts: 18
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So I ordered a factory remote (the model number indicated above) and I hit the "factory" button on it, and my PN58C8000 flashed a yellow triangle with a ! and says "This item is not available at this time." Am I doing something wrong here? I entered into the service menu using the Mute-1-8-2-Power sequence and tried the factory button there, all it did was my screen started to rotate through solid colors (and the banding was painfully obvious on the white). I did a factory reset, and still same issue.

Oh, and LarryInRI - I tried the SammyGo remote you indicated. The page can translate to english, but the program does not. So I was trying to make it work, and I couldn't get it to connect to my TV. Maybe a firewall setting, or it maybe that the software is targeting the EU models, not the US models.
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I bought a Samsung factory remote and just did the logic upgrade a few minutes ago. Not sure if I notice a whole lot of difference, but I had already increased the voltage to the point that the bands were just barely visible on a white screen.

PSUSith: My remote came with an instruction sheet that reads:
"Using the Factory Remote, turn on the TV. Then, press the Info button and then the Factory button to enter the Factory mode.
--Press button rapidly."

They aren't kidding about the "press button rapidly". I had to press power, info and factory one right after the other to get it to work. Once in, it's pretty self explanatory.

If you've calibrated the panel, make sure to copy everything down or be ready to do it again. The logic upgrade resets everything.
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I did the Va today and the banding is gone the va voltage was 207 I increased it to 213, fixed it for know I ma not spending any more money on this Tv, like the remote so no FW update.
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09-15-2014 | Posts: 18
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So...I was able to get into the factory menu. I tried the upgrade and it said "No match." I did exactly what the bulletin said - PDP_LOGIC subdirectory, renamed the file to LOGIC.bin, etc. I verified I have the right model number (3D, 58" plasma, 2010). Tried the stick formated in Fat and Fat32. Nothing seems to make it work. I checked the firmware, and it's the most current. I don't know what's wrong with it. Perhaps it could be because this is my second panel, I had a panel replacement when this issue happened the first time back in 2012, I'm thinking they replaced it with a panel that's slightly different, and this isn't allowing the update.

Guess I'm stuck with the voltage adjustment.
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