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Short question comes down to LCD vs Plasma. I know the pros and cons. Does the picture quality and reduced motion blur make that big of a difference?

I bought a 50" LCD and could get a 60" Plasma for $50 more. I have another week left on the return/exchange policy and I am at a total loss. Lighting in my current house shouldn't be an issue for glare. All the windows will be coming from behind the screen. I do game a decant amount but from what I have read Burn in would basically take abuse to accomplish. One thing I did not see is how is input lag on LCD vs Plasma? I am a huge hockey fan however and the reduced/elimination of motion blur could be a wonderful thing.

Just looking for some panic insight. I have read as much as my brain can handle on this forum. For what it matters the 2 models I am looking at are:

Currently Have: Samsung UN50EH6000 LCD
Possible Swap: Samsung PN60F5300AFXZA Plasma

Yea, there are have millions of threads on LCD vs Plasma but, as I said before, I'm at a loss.
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I would do it, though one thing to be aware of on the 60" F5300 (and F5500, I think) is that it has a pentile pixel array. I was turned off by that when I looked at this model at a Best Buy. I didn't really get a sense of whether it would be noticeable at a typical seating distance.

Sometimes, particularly for gaming, I like to pull up a chair to maybe 4' away from the screen. I don't think I could live with the pentile matrix for that situation.

Still, 50" -> 60" is a huge jump and one you'd probably be pleased with. I have no knowledge of that LCD model, mind you.

I'd prefer a 60" Panasonic P60S60 over either option.
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The only way to truly know about the plasmas would be owning one. You will never see a plasma PQ on a bright showroom. You may like it or you may not. It definitely gives a completely different picture, that's for sure.

With that said, that Samsung LCD you have is a last year's model, but still has good uniformity for an LCD because it's direct-lit, not edge-lit. Samsung has made great improvement with uniformity on this year's edge-lits though, but still the direct-lits are the safest bet when it comes to uniformity, so that's a good thing.

But that 50 inch Taiwanese panel is bringing down the PQ. It's best to purchase a Samung/Sony LCD TVs in 40,46, and 55 inches because they most likely have the Samsung/Sony S-PVA panels, the best panel you will get with a Samsung/Sony TVs. When you shop for a Samsung or Sony LCD TV, you have to be careful about the panel lottery.

If you do make the switch to the 60 inch F5300, you will end up with one using pentile. Yeah, Samsung Galaxy smartphone anyone? It may or may not annoy you. Best to see it in store to see whether you can tolerate it.

The F5300/F5500 is a bright plasma for its price. It's also really fast. Very nice motion performance. However, hockey will still be a problem with plasmas because of ABL, meaning they will dim once there are a lot of whites.

I persomally believe the pros outweigh the cons, but as with any displays, you have to be aware of flaws and live with it.
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honestly this seems like a no brainer...

if the plasma was 10" smaller for 50 bux more, then i'd have to think about it, and how the tv would be used.

the way I see it
Dark room: lcd can not be used, backlight uniformity issues become too noticeable, and edgelit is unwatchable. plasma excels by comparision

comfortably bright room: lcd's flaws are mostly hidden, both displays are viable.

daylight/surgical room bright: most plasmas not bright enough, many LCD's not bright enough, no longer care about picture quality as nothing will look 'reference' under such harsh conditions.

as for motion blur, input lag, screen reflectivity, you have to assess those on a model by model basis now.

I feel like in your situation, for 50bux you get a significantly larger screen and possibly better picture too. ultimately it'll depend on what compromises you're willing to make, and most sensitive to.

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Well, this is kind of what i expected. Just needed a little push I think to put me over the top to exchange. So the 2 TV's I would exchange for would be either the Samsung PN60F5300AFXZA I mentioned in my first post, or Panny TC-P50S60. As far as the Panny being 10" smaller, I only sit about 8ft away from my TV so a 60" (Samsung) could potentially be too big (this is hard to say, but might be close enough to start seeing pixels?) I have read good things about S60's and this one doesn't have the pentile display?

Read a good chunk about both and they seem quite even. One thing i did read is the S60 doesn't handle 1080 24p well? I do have all my movies on my HTPC and have it set to playback at 1080 24p. Can the Samsung handle it well?

Thanks for input by the way, avsforum has yet to let me down!!!
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How much does the image of your current led degrade as you move off center?

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It washes out a little bit but I would call it very minor compared to a lot of other LCD's (First LED backlit so cant compare to those).

If i were to guess on angles, at about 20* it washes out a little, then from 20*-90* it doesn't really wash out anymore than it does at 20*. It is minor enough that only critical viewers will be bothered by it. People who are uneducated might not even notice it.

I do really like this TV other than motion blur. Picture could be a tad crisper but it very good for the price point. Blacks I feel are very good as far as LCD's go too. I have been having a little issue fine tuning the settings to my liking. Changing settings about 5+ times using both AVIA and AVCHD Switching around from Standard - Warm 1 - Warm 2, either whites have too much blue tint or Red's are too bright and piercing.
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