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View Poll Results: ZT60 Owners. Are you happy with your display?
Extremely happy. Best picture quality bar none. No issues. 12 52.17%
Happy, though the display has some minor issues that I can live with. 9 39.13%
Not happy. Issues outweighed my enjoyment of my new toy. 1 4.35%
Panasonic screwed this one up. 0 0%
LCD all the way. Glad plasma is dead. 1 4.35%
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We all know that the talk of fan/fridge noise, delamination/micro-fractures and service techs improperly re-installing back covers thus causing damage to these high end/high cost displays is in the minority but I wanted to find out how many are happy with their new ZT60s.

Yes, this poll is very informal and I hope the choices I put in are appropriate. It would be interesting to see what the spread would be, though.


My Stuff: Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 w/  Ideal-Lume Bias Lighting, Yamaha RX-V3800, Oppo BDP-103D

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I loved my ZT60, but fan noise and micro fractures had me send it back, but the replacement VT60 I have looks just as good, already has the fan fix and picture just as good. So,sad Panasonic is leaving, but at least they go,out on top like the Kuro.

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I wrote this in the deals thread:

As someone who has just picked up a ZT60 on Wednesday with no issues whatsoever, it behooves people to follow the adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I think a lot of the fan noise stuff has been hyped and it has sensitized everyone. Imagine who'd be talking about it if internet forums didn't exist. If I told you your fridge has been shown to be overly loud and will likely get louder, you'd start to be bothered by it it and call the repair guy when yesterday you never gave it a thought. Same thing with the delamination. Probably a combination of poor repair work, cold weather, and bad luck has spoiled a handful of displays. It sucks for the people that own them, but for everyone else to be running around with their hair on fire fearing they bought a lemon is ridiculous. I know the ZT's were limited production but there must be 25,000 minimum and a handful of glitches does not make them fragile or jinxed.


And I'll add what I wrote in the owners thread:



Took the plunge and went from a 1986 Sony 20" Trinitron (still a great small crt!) to the 60" ZT. Delivered last Wednesday from Amazon. Nice driver, flawless condition. Signed based on no damage and powered it up a few hours later because it was below freezing. No issues at all. Mine is an October build date, the sequential number in the ZT owner folio says A15303. All this talk of fan noise, delamination, and panel hum had me worried to say the least. I have good hearing and the fan sounded really faint with the sound muted and your ear right up to the panel. Mine is mounted on a wooden stand 30" off the floor and I watch it 9 1/2 feet away. I noticed a slight blip in the fan as the TV powers up then it disappears and I've got 29 hours on it so far. The flicker and IR that people associate with plasma, is non-existant as well. My friend has the 55" GT30 that I've watch a lot and his set is perfect as well (no IR). Amazing picture on both sets.


Spending a good amount of time in front of that set, along with Panasonic's plasma demise pushed me to act. I started looking last fall in earnest and finally concluded that I wanted the best if they weren't going to make them anymore. Now I'm grappling with thoughts of calibration but the stock THX Cinema looks really, really good already. It is hard to conceive of a better picture after seeing everything there is out there now and in the past. I made the obligatory stop in front of the Samsung OLED and yes, it wowed me. But certainly not a $9,000 wow. Same with the various 4K LCD displays. Big money and not better than mine. The Samsung 8500 was a contender but in the end three things swayed me to the ZT. I like the softer, more movie-like Panasonic picture. I prefer the overall appearance of the ZT and the full width 8500 stand wouldn't work on my surface. The brighter 8500 display was tempting because I have a very sunny room with East and South facing windows. I put plantation style blinds on the windows and even in the strongest sunlight I enjoy the ZT. The ambient light filter really works on it. The 8500 has, in my opinion, a slightly more "LCD look" to it that's hard to define. My only complaint so far is difficulty getting the DLNA mirroring to work on my Droid. I must be doing something wrong. The remote app works great though, it's just pushing content to the TV that's been my trouble.


So in conclusion, this set rocks! Is it worth more than $2,000, probably, but it's hard to justify to your average Joe when many similar sized sets can be had for a thousand less. I certainly don't regret my purchase.

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I was/am thrilled with my 60ZT60. However I happened across my 141FD at a deal I couldn't pass up and decided on keeping it over the ZT.

However, micro fractures or any of that were not the cause of my decision. More than anything it was IR in my particular usage scenario which the Kuro excels at avoiding, to a surprising extent.

Otherwise, the ZT is a fantastic TV and I would have had no problem keeping it. It's also got a much prettier case and believe it or not that does contribute to the viewing experience. When there is moderate light in the room the ZT's super thin bezel and flush screen create almost a sense of the picture "floating" and enhancing the set's excellent pop in the image, versus the Kuros massive black bezel and sunken screen (though it is also a first surface panel).

I feel like threads like this only serve to worry people needlessly and make those of us who want to keep track of developing issues look bad, FWIW.
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Super happy with set.

No dead pixels.
No fan noise.
No micro fractures.
Very slight DSE...but ive owned two plasmas before that have had the same issue ( One samung and one panasonic )

I had a slight issue with the ZT60 brightness...but thats been changed. It can now reach 50+ ft as proved by Chad B
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I really like the ZT. The MF and fan noise have me a little nervous. Not unexpected would have some problems with a new design like the ZT.
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The poll options didn't really fit me. ALL displays have at least some minor issues. It is possible to be extremely happy with a display even though none are perfect. So I checked the top option.

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