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Samsung PN60F5350BFXZA vs two runner ups!


I have been researching TVs recently ... a lot! And all the posts here helped me very much. Now I decided to get a plasma but I have a couple of questions:

Samsung PN60F5350BFXZA ($699) the costco version. This is my first choice, however, I have a few concerns:
1. PN60F5350B is the 2014 version and the PN60F5350A is the 2013, correct? What upgrades have they made? Could not find a clear answer
2. Reflections and bright room: I could not find a unit on display anywhere here in Houston. Only thing I found was an older model at bestbuy and the reflections were horrible. Is the 2014 version better in that regard? CNET has a review about the 5500 and it seems it has bad low-light performance... even for a plasma!

LG 60 60PB6600 $599 at micro center (second choice): I saw one today. Looked nice, however, another LG LED TV next to it was playing similar content and details of the singers hairs were much better on the LED (not 4k), why?

Now, third choice, and please stop me from going there because I really want a plasma: Vizio E600i-B3 LED ... CNET is singing poems in its praise and it carries a simillar price tag with local dimming for better blacks...
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samsung f5xxx:
-the b-revision has MUCH better blacks. i'm not sure if there's any other improvement, but imo, there doesn't need to be, that's significant enough on it's own!
-it has NO screen filter. if you want superb ambient light viewing, the f8500 is what you want. there's a reason ppl are paying the extra money for it, and the amazing screen filter is certainly a big part of that.

-i'm not very familiar with the specifics of the LG line-up, but from what i've seen, NONE of them have good blacks. even the a-rev f5300 should have deeper blacks than the lg
-what you see in the store can be very misleading. there's a dozen things that could be causing that, and it's just too hard to even start guessing. it could be as simple as the sharpness control, or as devious as one display being fed a lower resolution. for the most part, resolution is resolution. i would not worry about one 1080p display being significantly 'clearer' than another. almost assuredly what you saw was the result of some setting being different.

-you have to remember that for the most part led's are rated relative to other led's. it sounds great, but i've heard it many times before and i'm just tired of getting fooled by it. unless you can see it with your own eyes, i wouldn't trust it. there's bound to be some major uniformity issues, or the blacks will become much brighter as soon as there's content on screen, and you'll still have to deal with all the other issues that plague lcd technology(if they bother you).

in the end, i still feel better recommending the samsung, BUT, if you've already seen it, and you're certain you can't deal with the reflections(can't tilt the screen down slightly to reduce them, or carefully position to avoid them), and you don't want to step up to the f8500, then i'd say say the lg plasma is a much better option, even with the brighter blacks.

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The trick is to keep in mind how you'll use it at home... The stores are so, so much different than a home environment it's just not fair.

Dumb example - you are outside on a bright sunny day, and your friend says his new cell phone's screen is spectacular. All you see is that the thing is washed out in the sun and you can see reflections of the trees and sky behind you so you think it's terrible. But of course you take that same thing and bring it inside to a normal environment, and you may well agree that it's great because now that it's so much brighter than it's surroundings, you can actually see the thing and the reflections are gone as well.

That's more or less how these TV's are in the store - like being outside in the daylight. At home, if you have a big window or light source viewable in the screen from your viewing position, you will see it to some extent from -any- TV including LCD or plasmas with great AR screens. It's just an issue you have to deal with physically - turn the light off or close the curtain if your'e serious about what you're watching. If you're not serious - i.e. it's a football game with some buddies over, then you'll never even notice the reflections. Similar for brightness - any LCD that looks good in a store has to be turned way down in brightness at home, at which point it's not far off from the plasma's output. Watching LCD's in a store isn't totally unlike staring at a flashlight!

IMO the 5300B at its current price is a serious bargain. Unless you feel like spending a lot more money to get a little more TV, you need to go for it. There's always a chance you may be disappointed but it's highly unlikely, most people end up amazed with it once they have it.

Again, whatever you do, don't let what it looks like in a store sway you. It's difficult as hell, I know, but you have to.
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Thanks for the replies I guess I only needed a gentle push in the direction! I went to get it from Best buy with price match but they would not price match the costco model for multiple excuses. I went home, looked up TVs and found a really good deal on a p64F8500 on craigslist that is still and bam! done
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