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imranh101's Avatar imranh101 04:17 PM 01-12-2015
Have this ol' plasma I've been using in the bedroom and all works great most of the time, occasionally when playing a PS3 game I have to adjust screen boundries but usually all is fine. However when I try to play using my PC (Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card) no matter what scaling options I choose, there is ALWAYS overscan. The only thing that fixes it is using an option that gives the display a custom resolution of 1202 x 670. The problem with this is that most games do not have a custom resolution like that so once a game is loaded, they get overscanned anyway.

The only option on the TV is to display 16:9 ratio or 4:3 ratio. There are no overscan options or "zoom" or "fill" type options whatsoever. Any other ideas on how to make this work?

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