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Samsung PNXXD550 Series Firmware Info/Help

Samsung PNXXD550 "Series" 2011/2012 Plasma TV Firmware Confusion Explained...

(I have a Samsung PN59D550 Series) "US" Model

- Older versions of firmware will not include the newer/updated fixes/optimizations for Input Lag/Picture Quality/Adjustments + Hardware/Board Update Flashing that newer and updated firmwares will include.

- Older versions of firmware will set the TV's brightness and light output at very high values. This makes the screen more vivid, but decreases the life of the TV + Adds extra heat to the Panel's Temperature. This "Over-Bright" setting is also what likely contributes to the complained "Brightness Pops" and massive changes from light to dark transisitons when viewing images on the TV. These older frimwares contain "ZERO" Logic/Board voltage/PQ firmware (Optimization Processing) updates.

- 1015/1016 are considered by many users to be the BEST firmwares as they force the maximum light output, allowing a much brighter image compared to the "Adjusted" 1018/1018.1/1018.2/1019/1019.5 Firmware updates. However the initial problem of "Brightness Pops" still remain on the older firmwares as these do not update the Logic/Board durring the update. You still can use "Zoid's" Manual installation of the "LOGIC.Bin" file in the (SVC) serivce menu to install it through USB drive, This will only update the Logic/Board and not add the additional/newer system "Firmware" fixes that may help treat/improve/change other issues found in the obsolete/older firmwares.

Recap :

(Older than...) v1011 - Installed on retail units with "MUCH" older manufacturing dates

v1012 - Installed on retail units with older manufacturing dates
v1013 - Installed on retail units with older manufacturing dates
v1014 - Installed on retail units with older manufacturing dates
v1015 - Installed on retail units with older manufacturing dates
v1016 - Installed on retail units with older manufacturing dates
v1017 - Installed on retail units with older manufacturing dates

v1018 - Installed on retail units after newer manufacturing dates
v1018.1 - Can be downloaded from Samsung's Download Center/Manually installed by USB port
v1018.2 - Installed on retail units after newer manufacturing dates
v1019 - Installed on retail units after newer manufacturing dates
v1019.5 - Only available by "Request". Sent by mail order "USB Drive" from Samsung + Some SVC Technician's had it on Pre-Installed Logic/Board Replacements.

Pros/Cons Of Firmware Types/Versions :

v1011/1012/1013 - Very old firmware with Little to no software/system bug fixes + No/Older hardware flashing updates/Very noticeable brightness Pops

v1014/1015/1016 - Older firmware with some updates/Over-Bright light output settings/Shorter Panel Life/Hotter Temperature/Very noticeable brightness Pops

v1018/v1018.1/v1018.2 - Newer firmware with advanced changes/updates, Lowers brightness light output/Increased Panel Life/Cooler Temperature + Fixes/Improves the occurrence of common "Brightness Pops". These firmwares "Often" include an official Logic/Board hardware flashing update too.

v1019/1019.5 - The last firmware released, it was/is very RARE and could only be mail ordered/Serviced by a home visit/Pre-Installed on the final retail/model revisions. This firmware is very similar to the 1018/Series updates, it just has newer fixes and newer file/data to fix a few more things. This firmware makes major changes to the Logic/Board. After Firmware is installed, It will (Optimize) the TV and do an update by flashing the TCON/LOGIC Board. This update will mess up the current voltage of the internal (POT switches). These Voltage settings are pre-set for each Plasma to allow the best voltage/pixel fire performance. The LOGIC/TCON update changes the how the TV configures/handles the X/Y Buffer Board's control of brightness/Dithering/Pixel Misfires. After the update you may notice some "slight" misfires of white pixels on blue/red/misc colored parts of the screen. You will need to open the TV & adjust the POTs voltage with a test image or gallery of detailed/colored (High Color/Uncompressed) photos. Adjust the POTs until you see no more pixel misfires. After the POTs voltage adjustments you may still see some tiny misfires in rare situations (1-3) "White/blended" pixel misfires that happen on very specific parts of the screen as it changes with motion/color specific related content. This is as good as it can get. If you only see the occasional (1-3) White/Color blended pixel misfires, You have adjusted the POTs voltages to the peak/stable/modified lowest probable pixel misfire values + added the best customized maximum quality (POTs) tweaks for the best Light Output/Contrast/Color Brightness + Modified (MLL) for the maximum Black/White Levels.

Pick your posion... I did the 1019.5 Firmware Update + Zoid's LOGIC.bin update in the (SVC) USB/DL/TCON Service Menu + Reduced pixel Misfires by (POTs) Tweaks

- 1019.5 : All the updates released/Best Input Lag/Most Stable
- 1019.5 : Brightness is normalized "Not Over-Bright" like older Firmwares
- 1019.5 : Brightness does not reduce/decrease panel life like the older firmware configurations
- 1019.5 : Temperature does not reduce/decrease TV life like the older firmware configurations
- 1019.5 : No Brightness Pops at all "Better than older FW without LOGIC/Board Update Flash"
- 1019.5 : Logic/TCON board updated/flashed to latest version

- POTs voltages adjusted for best tweaked picture quality + Pixel misfires reduced to minimum
- Black levels are inky and contrast detail is perfect
- Color brightness is accurate/excellent
- White Level is perfect/bright for the light output level
- ZERO Motion blur/artifacts "Motion" is perfect/smooth + "No Gamma/Color Errors"

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