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My 42HPX95 died last week.  Red blinking light problem.  Replaced it with a Samsung P51F5300 plasma, which I really like so far.    But I felt bad just pitching this behemoth that I dropped a bunch of money on in 2006, so I did a little google searching and ended up here.   15 minutes (and about 30 screws) later I had the back off the TV and unplugged the Seine module.    Works just fine, although I'll miss the TV tuner since we were using it for OTA signals.    To add insult to injury, I discovered that I could have disconnected the Seine module by removing the small service panel (two screws).    


Now I guess we're a two TV family....  And I have to lug this beast to another room.

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I'm glad this thread was revived.  Some of us still have these plasmas and have kept them ticking.  That being said, my particular unit (42HP95) has developed a funky picture artifact and while it's not a huge problem (only visible in certain dark scenes) it's driving me nuts from a diagnostic standpoint.  Hoping someone can help.  (I already made a specific post regarding this and couldn't get any replies, so my apologies for hijacking this thread)


Note: all images are using HDMI from a PC.  I've tried HDMI from other sources and component video and get these artifacts either way.


It's most visible if I put up a gray screen (specifically if you transition a white signal down toward black, before you get to pure black. It's not nearly as apparent if you transition a single solid color (R, G, or B) down to black).



Much more noticeable without flash:



Close up:



Basically it's horizontal separate black lines anywhere from 2-6 pixels in length and about 2 pixels tall in a strange banded pattern.


Here's a couple actual film scenes where the weird artifacts are fairly apparent:


Dark scene in 'Hunger Games 2'


Close ups of same scene showing artifacts




Not a particularly dark scene, but one that shows issue in 'Escape Plan'


Another not particularly dark scene in a cartoon where a solid color shows artifacts heavily



Here's what I've tried.  I will begin by saying NOTHING I have tried has changed these artifacts even a little bit.  So far they have remained exactly where they are through every diagnostic attempt.  First off I just replaced the d-board (logic board) because of an unrelated total loss of picture issue.  The artifacts are the same on both the replacement and the original d-board (for as long as the original maintains a picture anyway).  I have two perfectly functional Y-SUS boards, tried swapping those and nothing changes.  I reseated all my buffer ribbon cables, all the data driver (top and bottom) ribbon cables and all the ribbon cables coming off the d-board, nothing.  Double checked all system voltages, all are withing range.  Messed with every setting in the TV menu and nothing changes, messed with every setting on my graphics card and nothing changes.  Reseated connection between seine board and signal board and the LVDS cable between the signal and d-board, no change.  Then I tried looking at the picture with some of the data driver board ribbons pulled.  I got this:


Data driver board ribbon out:


Data driver board ribbon back in:


Basically just kills 1/16th of the screen per ribbon as you would expect, but notice that is doesn't correlate to the pattern of the artifacts and that there are no artifacts in the dead portion of the screen.


This one is more telling perhaps.  I pulled the entire top y-buffer board off from the Y-SUS board.


As expected it basically killed the entire top half of the display, but the artifacts are still visible in the dead section of the screen!!!!  Strange.


After all this, I don't think it's the data driver boards, or the buffer boards.  I'm assuming it's either the screen itself, the signal board or the seine board.  I have tried killing power (pulling the 20V supply connector) to the seine board which has no effect.  Seine boards aren't cheap and I don't really think an HDMI signal is processed through the seine board anyway (could be wrong on that).  I could justify throwing $20-30 at a signal board if I really thought that would solve the problem.  The thing is functional as is, but I'd feel better a lot better if I could figure this thing out and eliminate it.  Obviously, if it's the screen, then it's destined for a spare bedroom or the garage, but any advice or input would be deeply appreciated.  Hard to justify buying replacement boards without much of anything to go on.

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