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Trackman's Avatar Trackman 09:31 AM 08-09-2007
I disagree the Pio 6070 is a step above. The set has a "soft" look to the picture and the color decoding is lousy.

Now, the new Kuros - that's a different story.

shasta's Avatar shasta 12:54 PM 08-09-2007
Originally Posted by Trackman View Post

I disagree the Pio 6070 is a step above. The set has a "soft" look to the picture and the color decoding is lousy.

Now, the new Kuros - that's a different story.

We absolutely disagree, the Pioneers color decoding is far ahead of the Pannys. as far as the "soft" look of the picture, perhaps you were looking at an poorly set up unit. Sorry but I own the 50" PX60U and it's a great panel as is the 58" Panny, but the Pioneer has the edge on both of them. Not many looking objectively at both side by side would come away thinking the Panny was equal or better, it's not.
Trackman's Avatar Trackman 02:08 PM 08-09-2007
We can agree to disagree but the "soft" look I also saw on the 1140. Many other members have also commented on it, inc. 70 series owners upgrading to Kuros and/or people who have both Pannys and Pios. I'm glad to hear you feel differently re your viewing.

The color decoding issue is an objective fact. Various ISF techs have so commented on this forum. Regular Pios do not allow for correct primary color settings, particulary re red and green. The Elites are different. The Kuros are better in this regard but still not quite on (see UMR's calibration report on the 5080).
BCoolBen's Avatar BCoolBen 06:39 PM 08-15-2007
I have been looking extensively at tvs for about 3 weeks now, and I finally pulled the trigger this afternoon, although I am out of state so I won't get to try the tv until tomorrow afternoon.

I was going to buy the TH-58PX60U new for $2.250, but the store where I had credit available told me that they could not find any new in stock (although their computer indicated that they should have had some new in stock). Since I had called ahead and was ensured that a new tv was in stock for me, the sales representative agreed to discount a boxed tv that had been used as the display model for (so he promised me anyways) 3 months/14 hours a day; I paid $1,825 before tax.

It is a fairly reputable electronics store, so I am hoping that they knew what they were doing when they "broke it in," but I thought some of the more sophisticated members of this site might be able to give me some advice about how I can ensure that they did a good job, and/or verify that the sales representative was being truthful about the 3 month display period (not that I have and particular reason to distrust him).

One other thing, although I don't mind the silver bezel (in fact I think I prefer it, I guess I am crazy?), I hate hate hate the "Panasonic" badging on the bottom middle of the set. Does anyone know how difficult/risky it is to remove the plastic lettering that is affixed so that the set would have a cleaner look?

I am really excited about my recent purchase. I am a little bit worried about glare because I have a lot of windows, but all-in-all I feel like $1,825 for a tv like that is too good to pass up, even if it is the floor model. Any constructive thoughts would be much appreciated.

sarbib's Avatar sarbib 10:30 PM 02-10-2008
I have the 60 series and I just bought a laptop with a blu-ray player, which has an HDMI out. I want to plug the HDMI into the tv, but was wondering if there is a digital audio out? The only thing I see are two audio RCA outs, but I don't think those will give me digital audio. Can anyone confirm if there is another digital out on this TV?

Jonesky's Avatar Jonesky 06:27 AM 02-11-2008
Well, there is on my 600. I use it quite a bit and it is optical. It will be 2 channel only, however.
sarbib's Avatar sarbib 07:54 AM 02-11-2008
Thats the issue though. Is there no way to get 5.1 out of the TV or do I need to get a receiver with HDMI inputs?
Jonesky's Avatar Jonesky 11:53 AM 02-11-2008
Correct; not happening with the 5.1. The TV will always be seen as a 2 channel device so the ensuing handshake between the TV and the Bluray (or any hdmi source) will request 2 channel. All internal to HDMI. So one must invest in a receiver or prepro with the appropriate internal hdmi capabilities. If you need an hdmi switcher try monoprice or octava.

I'm two channel type old school loser so it worked for me.
sarbib's Avatar sarbib 08:51 PM 02-11-2008
Lol...thanks. Im trying to move into the 90s, so I'll need to find a switcher I guess. Thanks for the help.
KYHTGUY's Avatar KYHTGUY 08:44 PM 05-21-2008

Hey all. I have the 600U and am moving to a new home (with a new dedicated home theater!!!). The movers gave us a couple pieces of advice: 1. BE CAREFUL - bouncing around a big Plasma can make it very "uncomfortable" and break it, and 2) Be careful "firing it back up" after the move.

I sure understand #1 - no doubt be careful.

I don't understand #2. Do you know anything about how to be sure this great monitor is "fired up" correctly after the move?

Just an fyi, I actually get to use this 58" machine in my basement "great room" and am putting a 106" screen and an Epson ProCinema projector in the dedicated theater room. Just couldn't be happier!

Let me know any thoughts on moving this Panny so it's perfect when re-mounted on the wall in the new home, please!

Huhexxer's Avatar Huhexxer 06:16 AM 12-23-2008
I have moved with this beast. Luckily I saved the box it came in and I simply packed it back to the way it was when it got home, the move was about 150 miles in a uhaul, but this puppy made it to its new home in fine shape.

I plugged it in and let it "heat up" as I had moved it in the winter, but after about an hour in my new place, I fired it up and viola! My beast was back in commission.

I have had 2 years of absolute pleasure from this TV, never a problem, never a hitch and NO burn in at all, NONE!
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