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Swisstopher's Avatar Swisstopher 12:26 PM 07-07-2006
New to the forums and new to hd, lcd tvs, but I’m learning slowly. Anyway, I have a few questions concerning the Samsung LNS3251d and the Panasonic TC32LX60.

I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to these and I’m leaning towards the TC32LX60. I was in CC the other day comparing them (I don’t know if this is much use at all because of settings etc and they were all on the out-of-the-box standard settings) but the PQ on the Panasonic looked as good as the Samsung. Also, I’m really into film noir and dark stuff and am a little concerned about the black crushing on the Samsung. When I was at CC I was lucky enough to see that they had the V for Vendetta trailer going and I noticed that the dark detail was better in the Panasonic, but again I don’t know how to judge this because they were both on standard settings. Can the black crushing on the Samsung be adjusted out? Does anyone have any specific experience with both these sets?

I like the aesthetics on the Samsung much better than the Panasonic, but the Panasonic also has QAM which is kind of a big deal to me. But, the Samsung also has the game mode...I’ve been perusing the forums, but is the jury still out on that? Does it make it considerably better?

One more thing…I was looking at the Panasonic and noticed it does not have a d-sub connection. I would have my laptop in the dorms at college and the best that it has to output is the d-sub. So, it seems the only thing I could do here is possibly hook up a d-sub to component video connector (do they make these??) to output to the tv. So obviously the question is gonna be how bad is the quality going to be at this point? I might add, I download a lot of movies that are pretty good quality but not dvd quality, so I know things aren’t going to be brilliant quality to begin with…the question is more how bad is it going to get? Like standard definition? Better? Worse? I have really no idea what to expect. I am kind of stumped here and don’t really know what I’m doing…maybe someone has advice to do it a different way, or can offer any help at all??

Thanks guys!

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