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Daytonjim's Avatar Daytonjim 11:27 PM 07-08-2006
There's a guy in the $20,000 and up toy directory that claims he has the new Pioneer Pro fhd1 true hi-def plasma, if true this is the first I've heard of anyone having one. Check it out.


pirgous11's Avatar pirgous11 01:41 AM 07-09-2006
There is a couple of us in Europe that have received one (it is called the PDP-5000EX in Europe). If you are interested, you may want to search the threads here in this forum or in the European forum called AVFORUMS.COM.



ps: I posted yesterday a 10-days usage report :D
pirgous11's Avatar pirgous11 01:46 AM 07-09-2006
By the way the MSRP is not $20,000 but more like $10,000.. :confused:
RicheyPoor's Avatar RicheyPoor 08:56 AM 07-09-2006
6th Ave Electronics has the Elite PROFHD1 on the cover of its Sunday flyer in the Star Ledger. MRSP is $9,999. The bezel is black but doesn't look like high-gloss piano black (that's good IMO) and it has a thin band of silver or light gray around the outside edge :eek: .
HiFiGuy1's Avatar HiFiGuy1 10:07 AM 07-09-2006
There's a guy in the $20,000 and up toy directory that claims he has the new Pioneer Pro fhd1 true hi-def plasma
He didn't say the TV was $20k, just that someone in the $20k forum had one. Of course, at 2:41 in the morning you can be forgiven for not being totally awake. :)
gully_foyle's Avatar gully_foyle 01:09 PM 07-09-2006
Ken Crane's has it in today's flyer for $9999
mgnff's Avatar mgnff 02:19 PM 07-09-2006
Does it have HDMI 1.3?
samrb39's Avatar samrb39 05:39 PM 07-09-2006
no, it has HDMI 1.1 spec.
Daytonjim's Avatar Daytonjim 09:43 PM 07-09-2006
By starting this thread late last night when I was totally bored to death I was hoping for someone to chime in that they had one or have seen one in a store. I hear this is the future of plasma TV's and I would love to hear just how good this expensive plasma looks. Dayton Ohio normally doesn't get the leading edge of technoligy before other places.

lktanx's Avatar lktanx 05:02 AM 07-10-2006
I saw the Pioneer FHD1 at Ken Cranes in Fountain Valley, CA on Saturday 7/8. Picture quality was stunning. They were switching from showing Phantom of the Opera (HDDVD) and Ultraviolet (Bluray). POTO looked amazing on it. Colors were exceptionally vibrant with a very 3D look. I have never seen a Plasma look this good. Of course the source material helped a lot.
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