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Hello everyone I'm new to the forum, I just recently bought the 42HDS52 model at Circuit City here at St. Louis MO 2 months ago. I've been wanting this TV for 7 months and I finally got it when Circuit City was getting rid of this model and replacing it with the silver S69 model or whatever it is. I got at a great price too for only $1,400, it was the last one they had at the store in there back room, they also couldn't find it anywhere else in the Saint Louis area, so I got a discount for it being discontinued and they had a sale going on that weekend on top of that also, so that was great, I got my dream TV. I love this TV so far, but I have a couple of problems:

If anyone can please help, what are the best Day and Night Video settings for this TV, its been out long enough where I know someone has to know the best settings by now, by tweaking the settings or using the AVIA DVD guide. Please help me on this, I've turned down the contrast, brightness, etc. but I still think think I can make the TV look better, plus this only for the day settings, I haven't messed with the night settings yet. So everyone please give me as much input on this TV as possible. Let me know anything you guys have learned about this TV that will help me.

Second, when I was looking through this forum I found this -

(Hey Fellow Hitachi Owners:

I have a 42 inch HDS52A, bought in January and I've had nothing but problems with it. I too have the "flicker" that many forum members complain about. What more annoying is, and what seems unique to my TV, is that I have this white/green band or streak that you can see on the sides of my screen. It appears like a white haze during dark movie scenes, and like a light green images during very bright white scenes.

I have called hitachi numerous times, and had a service provider actually take the tv in to their shop. After being in the shop for three weeks, the technician called me saying that he could find nothing wrong with my TV. He theorized that it might be some interference inside my home. When they returned the TV, there was a nick on the glass. Fortunately, they were good about it and replaced the glass screen. I was just happy to finally get my TV back that I ignored this growing problem for a couple of months, but now its irritating me again.)

Man I've got the same problem as you. I noticed it first the second day I got the TV, but its not that bad, cause you only see the white haze on my screen on both sides on the TV and on minds it looks like two halves of the letter H or something on each side of my screen during dark scenes on movies or switching inputs and the screen is dark. None of my friends really trip off of it but I do cause I notice it more since I look at it every day.
Also I see that green image a little also but ony when I use the power screen saver option in the display menu. I don't know what causes that, has anyone figured this out? I don't want to take it back to CC, cause they probably can't fix it or would want me to just upgrade to the new S69 silver model, and to me the model I got looks better and has the swivel. When I read about that guy having the same problem as me, I totally felt his pain, mines is not that bad but its annoying after awhile. So any can help or suggest anything, I'm listening.

Also this is my most important question- I guess this could be called burn-in what we may have, but is it true that a way to fix this is buy putting your TV on Air broadcast and having no attena hook-up which would cause a constant snowy or static picure (like having cable disconnected), will fix this problem or other burn in problems? I've read this on wikepidia website and other forums that by doing this for a hour on your TV will depolarising the gas particles on a plasma and clear this up. One one website on guy explained that a TV Technician told him that at there shop they leave it on a plasma TV for 24hours to fix this. Is this true? Or has anyone tried this yet, if so what where the results? I know this is a long post but this is my first Plasma and I need help on it, please answer whatever questions you can guys, thanks.
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