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01-14-2007 | Posts: 2
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I am currently having problems with this plasma tv. i recently bought it and it has not been even a year and a problem has a rise. My problem started out as 1 red vertical line the size of a quarter showing up on the display on the far left side of the tv, and then weeks later 2 more showed up on the far right side - another red one and a Blue one this time. Can this be a bad panel? whats wrong with it? Can this problem be easily repaired? if so then what are the costs.


<3 Mat
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01-14-2007 | Posts: 63
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I don't recognize that model. Are you in the states or out?
Here we have a 2 yr. P&L, so if you have that - it should not be a problem to rectify.
Don't know if it is a panel, but it is not normal.
Before you call service, though - make sure you experience the same thing on all inputs and media sources. If it is mostly isolated to one media - say Dish through the component hookups - then it might be wise to try different connection, and make sure the media source is not a problem.
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01-14-2007 | Posts: 951
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In the U.S. (I think in Canada too), you have a 2 year warranty. If I remember correctly, this model started shipping in February 2005 in the U.S., so you should be covered under warranty. Even if you purchased the set used, you should be able to get it covered without a receipt based on the manufacturing date being within 2 years.

If the lines extend from the top all the way to the bottom of the screen, it is likely a defective panel. If they only extend halfway down, it is a failure on a circuit board.

rawritsmat's Avatar rawritsmat
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01-14-2007 | Posts: 2
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thank you guys for your helpful responses, so this 2 year warranty you guys speak of is it with the manufacture or is it with the place i bought it at? ( circuit city )
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01-16-2007 | Posts: 951
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It is through LG. Circuit City may do the repairs though. You can check with them or find another LG authorized service center.

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