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First post and tried to do a search. No luck. I own the above mentioned tv and I was at the store screwing around with the same model and noticed that in the picture setting they have a black level option. Mine doesn't have that and also my tv doesn't allow for hdmi black level adjustments even though I have both my DVD and cable box hooked up via HDMI!

So in order to avoid the grey wash out issue that the tv has I have to reduce the gamma to -3. But as I searched the forum I found out that people are using the black level option to deal with this issue.

Thanks for your help.
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Try asking in the Samsung 5084 thread - but if I understand the issue, you need to switch the viewing mode to activate all the various controls. I cannot recall specific what off the top of my head.
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You need to be in Movie Mode to get to the extra picture settings.
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