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I just bought a new Ultra high speed HDMI v1.4 (http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/200686230965?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649#ht_1813wt_1139) to install in my new house before the walls go up.

I have just test run it with my 3 display devices I will be connecting this cable. The 2 TV's work fine. However when I connect the same cable to my Sharp XVZ17000 3D projector I lose the signal completely and only get static!!?? The cable I currently use with the projector flickers static occasionally, so this new "better" cable is actually worse.

I don't quite understand how the cable works with 2 of my displays but not the third. I need to get this sorted as Construction starts shortly.

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I'll see if I can update this post later when I have some more time...

Here is the bottom line - there are no high speed cables in the 15 meter (~45 foot) range. So, shockingly, what you got from ebay is likely a couterfeit cable. I'll have to go through this forum's archives but I remember a few threads discussing problems with that "brand" of ebay purchased cables.

So, my suggestion is to take advantage of their 60-day no questions asked return policy and then purchase from a reputable place. I know you're pretty far away from the U.S. but look at the monoprice and blue jeans cable websites for an idea of pricing. For a high speed cable you should always be able to ask for the manufacturer's high speed certificate for that length of cable (not a shorter cable length).

You did the right thing by testing before you put the cable in-wall. Keep in mind that high speed is limited to about 25' (a little over 3m). More information at this thread (please ignore the "garbage" in the middle of the thread).


Your question about why the cable worked with only 2 of 3 montors is because you are outside of the HDMI spec at that distance and for the type of signal you are sending. If you sent a 1080i or 720p signal, the projector might work, as well because you would be back within spec for 1080i/720p. If it didn't work, I'd suspect the cable is defective (as well as counterfeit based on the ebay description).
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Originally Posted by Bender907 View Post

I don't quite understand how the cable works with 2 of my displays but not the third.
It is quite simple. HDMI performance depends on all the electronics involved, the bit rate and the environment as well as the cable. Change one of those four things and you potentially change how it works.

If you want guaranteed performance, you might want to put Cat 6 cable in the wall and use a HDBaseT based HDMI extender.
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